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Thursday, April 13, 2006 @ 6:54 PM
maundy thursday
indeed, another week just flashed by.. the date to my first A level paper is nearer... sigh

so it is an hectic week- oh well, like when has it never been one?
so next week im officially ROD for mornin duties. kudos to the j1s. haha
so i had my chemistry SPA today...

Today i had a chat with my dad in the bank while waiting.. and i guess it brought back many memories for my dad. Seriously i really should 'revise' the way i think. I mean, i think that life would be so much worse off if i had born in the 1950s. And i seriously think that im in a very very fortunate family. When i reach home, my mum will prepare the food, and i dun have to worry about financial expenses at all.

i often feel like slapping myself real hard on my cheeks for being such a inconsiderate and spoilt brat. I dont know why im acting like that, but i think it could be raging hormones. yet on the other hand, i think its the values that i carry. i whine too much, -gosh way too much. I dont do housework chores, i do not do my laundary myself, i dont even wash any single utencil. Like gosh i wonder wad will happen if i go into army. that would be my biggest obstacle?
i dont know why im so spoilt. maybe its genetics? or is it by pure fact that im the youngest and my demands are always met at my slightest displeasure?

oh well, i guess i will just have to figure these out myself. Part and parcel of life?
anw, tml is good friday and im all set and ready for a game(s) of LAN. woohoo!!! haha kudos!!
alrightz, im signing off to eat my personal hawaiian pizza. (btw 2 stickers from any large bags of lays, ruffles, ..) will earn u 1 hawaiian personal pan pizza.. haha promos end this friday 14/4 ^^ arightz, see ya!

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Sunday, April 09, 2006 @ 4:29 PM
facelift O.o
hey!! to my loyal blog readers

like wOw! ive changed my blogskin finally eh.. haha
That's the picture that i took on the last day of my holiday in Genting Highland Malaysia.. its the skyline that u can take from awana to genting highland. ^^ yupz. I designed the template and glenn did the coding for mi. Thnks la. (he always claim credits de, see, he imprinted his name onto my blog which is like wth lol. anw, this is still beta testing- shld be finalised by next week once the remaining links are connected.

Actually it has really been a bad week for mi. and i seriously think that i nid a tuition teacher to help me with my work. my subjects are juz plain atrocious. my gosh, i think im in deep shyt la.

The best part? i just have no mood to study. I think the worst place one can ever study is @ home. SO MANY DISTRACTIONS MY GOSH.- my bed , my computer, my tv, gosh!!!!!!!
(and shyt im startin to talk like simone- my gosh!)-bad sign!!!!!! my gosh!!! (alright stop it)

yupz so tml is like napha test. my gosh! im so gonna fail it la. damnn it. more mass PE for mi i suppose. - this is prolly H E double L to mi sia. yeah reminds mi of clarence's loser with a double L O.o

alrightz i better chau and do some work.. i shall wait till my mum go out then i can sneak back here and DOtA with bernard and gang!!!! mwahahahhaha .. (opps.. )
till then, press on guys!! n hav a great week 4 of term 2 O.o

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Tuesday, April 04, 2006 @ 8:36 PM
mum went dancing-sneak entry
omg! its two days without computer!!!!!
haha i finally have my guts to sneak in here since my mum is happily exercising her legs and brains (dancing) kudos!!

so the first thing i sign in i saw bernard and he said he updated his blog
so i decided to pay a visit and wow he rated his LIFE!

so i thought since i only have so little time left (damn, chemi test tml like totally wth) so let mi juz rate my life

This Is My Life, Rated
Life: 4.8
Mind: 4.8
Body: 6.5
Spirit: 6.4
Friends/Family: 3
Love: 1.5
Finance: 4.2
Take the Rate My Life Quiz

and seriously i think my life sucks. gosh!! but the good thing is my body and soul is pretty balance. that means im pretty much balanced!!

haha but my love life is so low 1.5.. -_-"' haha geesh but i guess this is what i am! i hate commitments!!!! haha and family n frenz are the next highest!!! hehe
so. my life onli worth 4.8. Whats yours? do check it out man! haha

alright life goes on.. gtg and start mugging chemi.

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Sunday, April 02, 2006 @ 9:12 PM
screwed by ptm

this is (by far) the worst weekend i ever had
i was totally screwed by PTM. as in Really SCREWED this time

when the PTM form came i was already trembling in paralyzing fear
though i was absolutely amazed that i can even pass most of my subj(for not studying for CT1)
but apparently it wasnt good enough to escape this castastropic disaster.

well, everything was under my control. Let mi stress it again. WAS. But i cant believe that im so suay until... MY DAD's company had workers on STRIKE. Like totally WTH Can u believe how suay i was?! even in this eRA workers are still on strike? Damn. i cursed and swear within my heart when i heard this news. the feeling was terrible. If i am the management i'll probably just sack all of them. anyway these labour are largely highly substitutable. Highly price elastic i dun see why my dad is soooooo worried about it Zzzz.

and just as i speculated, my mum is going to take over my father's chore- the PTM meeting... So, apparently like what i had foresee, it was a total rapage let mi stress it again RAPAGE for mi. Totally OWNED badly by miss lim and my mum..

Its like

Frags: Miss Lim+My mum positive infinity
Mi 0

Like OMGZ!!! totally ownage la. Well, when 2 women talks, nothing usually good can get out of it anyway... So, im now barred from using the com. (i manage to even blog now coz of NS documentation-which i had completed ^^grins)

But still i can see how miserable my life is going to get as the year proceeds.
i cant believe im completely denied to use the com during weekdays. thats like WTH. shyt im addicted.. as depicted..

so u must be wondering how am i going to get on with life.. dun ask if u want to coz i dun even know the answer myself. (big sighhhh)

And the next biggest issue is that im dropping econs. like what bernard says im taking the easy way out.. but i think i have no choice. Coz my econs is really c.m.i maybe when im older i will start to appreciate the subject. alrightz, geesh, its sch tml again i better run before i find my computer having missing parts .. sigh...

life sucks!

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