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Sunday, May 31, 2009 @ 3:44 PM
a fairytale ending
Well like it seems, work has finally ended- only to know that the testing has failed -_-" Like totally ar. dotss. Anyway although today is the actual day for my last day of work, it actually ended on Friday already since no one works on Sundays in ESPN. It was definitely a very positive working experience to work in the department of programming. The staff there are all very friendly and seemingly no stress at all. It is so different from the Army where everyone looks grouchy, scolding each other and all. I will definitely miss everyone there at ESS and i really wont mind working there as an entry level job after graduation!! Really! haha

Anyway, looks like yw is gg back to the bumping around days starting from next week. More Tennis eh! haha and oh yes building my first aquarium once i receive those fish-lings from ber's endler's. haha.. exciting stuff... ><

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