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Thursday, April 12, 2007 @ 8:45 PM
The Last Goodbye
This tune is very nice adapted from youtube
its Sadness and Sorrows from Naruto Soundtrack!
Thks to e pianist who showed this!

Hi guys…

Alright.. today marks the end of my nearly-4mths-long-holiday-after-ALvls
YES im gg to serve the country right from tml… today is also my last day being a civilian…

I guess there is nothing that last forever.. that includes my freedom.. this is a very good example I suppose.. Anw I wanna say a big thank you to Bernard for playing maplestory with me though I know I ps u a lot in both maplestory and DotA games haha and our Sista will remain as it and they will soar to reach greater heights one day! As for Ron thks also for playing dotA with us though ½ the times ur presence was least expected! Not forgetting thunderous simone and funnie julianne (ni) haha thnks having our last dinner over @ minds café. A great place for fun and food!

ive already gotten all my stuff packed… hopefully it can last me for at least 2weeks.. im feeling so miserable now coz its like even Ron and Bernard r gone… I’ll definitely miss my maple and dotA days… I guess this is juz parts and parcels of life which I have to figure everything out… I just hope that it wouldn’t be that badddd though I know chances r vvv high that it will turn out so bad -_-“ (stay positive yw! T_T) O.o

Anw for those that are already inside I’ll be joining u… sobz and for those lucky double x chromosomes-mers have fun in the Uni… u all can continue mugging for the next 3 yrs.. :D

Well I guess this is it.. I’ll see you guys soon in 2weeks time! Meanwhile stay healthy and have fun with what you’re doing now!


yw, signing out..

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