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Wednesday, November 22, 2006 @ 9:09 PM
Relax Relax
Hey guys

Right now, im blogging with a normal heartbeat of 80beats/sec at a very peaceful.. tranquil state.. This is rare and has not happened over more than 24 months. so i must enjoy this moment this magical period of time when my body can recover physically, mentally and spiritually after being tormented and languishing in the most fearful event :exams.

yeah that would be 2 years of no brain work. kudos. Alrihgt im quite sad that i have not done anything productive since my last chemistry paper.. ive been playing computer games for almost everyday and it seems that my shortsightedness has worsen due to obsessive gaming. shyt. Anw, juz misc, for those who game, i realise putting a calculator beside ur computer reaps many advantages:

1) in maplestory: u can calculate the prices and items correctly and prevent being scammed

2) in dotA: (very helpful) can be used to calculate the effective mana cost before launching an attack. If calculated mana cost > total available mana pool (strategically NOT feasible). lol. and trust me, it works very well. esp with casters.. in particular Queen of Pain.. Dun be like me, blink in bite and opps no mana for freezing field. It is NOT glam.

Meanwhile i cant wait for christmas to come.. haha coz its like my fave festive event of the year.. oh well im off to relax and watch TV. Heh.
its yw signing off!

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Friday, November 17, 2006 @ 10:09 PM
Tranquility Restored
hey fanS!!!
hehe im finally back and writing my first blog entry after so long!!!
basically the A Levels Exams are FINALLY over. no more tutorials no more homework no more sch no more lectures no more CCA no more BINDING SCHOOL RULES SO yeah and kudos! from now on, my brain still take a good rest from all the gruelling and disgusting tasks

well it is amazing how i actually managed to pull thru this catastropic event.. well i guess most of us will have to go thru it.. although i have might survive this disaster... but lets take a look @ my health and well being

mental stability - down 0.5% from the norm due to excessive stress and scares
cardiovascular tolerance- down 50% due to lack of exercise and clogging of fats around arteries
fun factor- down 20% due to lack of games

yeah so can tell im not very sane right now, definitely on the FAT side and not fit and very dull yeah i guess i will just have to recover..

everyone seems to be so happy today.. haha of course its like the last day of exams.. hmm yeah prom night is next on my list.. so exciting coz ive never been to one before...
oh yeah michelle ang is on a holiday trip to china.. Lucky her lar im jealous.. geesh

alright i;ll keep u guys updated meanwhile, maple rocks and xhh is now 67 haha 3 more lvls to go!!! kudoS and jiayou!!

see ya, its yw signing off!

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