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Sunday, September 24, 2006 @ 6:58 PM
bad days and bumpy roads
It was quite an enjoyable weekend for me, a long one considering my prelim exams ended on wednesday and it was a all hell break loose for many of us. Well to be honest i was very disappointed of my pathetic performances... i dun even want to see my results.. they are totally fugly. i didnt do a lot of stuff other than enjoying myself and totally obsessed with jeffrey michael's classical pieces.. esp his first four pieces from his album evolution. Totally worthy its 18.90 for 2 CDs in a pack of one. haha.

Today i went to Macs to study with kel about mechanics and i think its so cool... its totally perfect! damn fun i must say its so much more enjoyable to do as compared to sadistic statistics. -_-"" Sigh.. i tot i saw on newspaper that Apple has decided to be friendly and selling their 1st generation of iPod Nano @ S$199 ... Tat was what they advertised for.. but underneath that friendly mask comes a sharp and wicket scythe.. So much for being naive enough to accept such dubious proposition... ultimately, theres always a catch to cheap stuff.. and the catch is i have to pay by UOB card or a debit card and that pathetic iPod Nano is only ONE GIGABYTE. like omg. Me and kel rolled our eyes 720deg before exiting the shop like so dots can. thats it, im not buying any more apple products i shall turn to samsung...

Its horrible.. but for the time being i suppose my MuVo can help me through this time for the time being at least.. since i dun have many songs haha. yeah.. sigh tml is week 3 of term 4 like the finaly term im spending in CJC can. its like kinda fast really... i felt as if my journey has ended just when im starting to adapt to JC life. Besides i havent really think ive spent enough time with my friends at all! 39 days exactly to A Levels and 50+days to independence +all hell break loose day. Im looking forward to it! O well.. so everyone mug hard yeah but dun forget to relax...

P.S. Badminton Fiesta Fall-Winter06 will be coming soon!
-its yw, signing off

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Wednesday, September 20, 2006 @ 6:57 PM
end of a chapter begining of another
hi fellow readers..

alright.. it was really a bumpy ride. My prelims is now my biggest atrocity thus far. It was totally .. I cant believe how stupid i can get.. its like i cant even do simple questions. See.. everyone is doing so well and cheering for their great success as they slowly move towards their goals and attaining the Zen level.. and what about me?! im still suppress under the mountain with no progress. Very sucks de can.
i know, kel is giving me this dubious look right now but its true. im NOT faking
See, this is what happens after every paper ..

see? everyone is discussing with smiles and laughters.. ONLY me.. still struggling to get out of my storms and drowning rains... like what can i do? sometimes i suppose its just demoralising to find out that no matter how hard i try the result will still be the same and i just find that my energy is running out and that i seriously wonder if i can even hang on until A levels finish.. but for now, prelims is over... i should kick myself hard out of my stupor and get ready for the whole new adventure for the next 41 days while i slog it out... i must perservere !!!!
Set up: Drive Ignition

other than the gruesome ordeals i sustained emotionally this week, nothing great actually happened.. quite sad eh. i juz feel so tired both mentally and physically. argh i nid some drugs to really boost my metabolism rate and all geesh my room is like a dog kernel as what my mum usually comments.. yeah books, files, papers, eraser dust, dust, towels, clothes are all scattered around. O.o Argh i hate cleaning up. this is gonna take me one whole night..

oh yeah so i declare thursday as 'Play Day'. for those who agree with my idea GO play it out! GO and have fun! and its time to connect to the terminals for recharge!!! so yeah.. alright im off for now.. see ya around!

its yw signing off!!!!

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Saturday, September 16, 2006 @ 10:10 PM
half gone
hey faithful readers!!! if there is any..

geesh it was a horrific week and ive been dismembered at least twice this week after sitting through the chemistry and physics paper like omg... totally destructive.. like what cho yau said Lvl 1 VS lvl 25 Roshan. Roar! omg.. thats scary sigh im so gonna fail my prelims and get slapped again! this feeling sucks can. and its absolutely scary and saddening that no matter how hard i try i will still be on square one. WHY CANT I PROGRESS ALONG WITH MY PEERS!!!!! argh. i think im so gonna cushion the class. oh wait everyone's hovering at the rainbow discussing about good grades. they dun nid my cushioning. T_T.

yeah after reading benyap's blog i cant help but laugh yeah! why cant chlorine and iodine and all the organic family all go eat shyt. so many reactions. like totally for what. in the end even if we really go work in industry do you think we will go and oh i need to find out that acid concentration of this little slutty ethanonic acid lets see, lets first measure its ph value using a pH meter and then shift log (-value) and then oh perfect found the hydrogen ions concentration then square it because its approx the same and then divide the dissociation constant. Like WOW you tell me which idiot does that. like totally wtf. i use to love chemistry but when i see chemistry at A levels its tiniuniu totally not practical. they should teach us how to mix intelligence potion or good looking potions yeah more practical.

argh next week still got 1 paper each like please slap them away... i cant believe im so dead.. worse than my O levels prelims... At this rate im so gonna get screwed. Oh yeah so i went to island creamery yesterday with my frenz again. hah the mud pie totally rocks. its like Oreo+ReversO+cookies cream juz rock the house. buT!!!! the bake rice was totally cmi. its like super dry u eat le the dryness will actually start absorbing your saliva. like eating silicon dioxide like that disgusting.. then they are so stingy with the cheeze OMG! its like
no. of mols of cheeze = 1 X 10^ -100000000 moldm-3
like so dotS! totally inedible stuff.. but i heard the fish bake rice was worse.. sigh oh yeah so much work to do yet im still blogging.. better go finish more papers :S sigh take care and god bless!!!!!

its yw signing off!!!
(geesh i juz put on another 2 kg. )- yw is fat!

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Saturday, September 09, 2006 @ 3:11 PM
choppy chopsticks!
hi wonderful and faithful blog readers.. it has been days since i last blog haha been kinda busy with my work.. geesh i cfm cannot finish by prelims. sigh.
alright so i was tuning in to power98 while doing my homework and the DJ was talkin about using chopstick and trivials about it. i think its interesting so im gonna share it.. haha

tRiVIALS of chopsticks

36% of the world population uses chopsticks.

and i dont think you'll believe it but some scientists have came up with the MATHEMATICAL formula to calculate the comfort level of using chopstick!!!

cool isnt it? now, you'll definitely ask what are those symbols representing?
well its as follows
C = comfort factor

C0 = 30 (incorporates unknown information i.e: length of chopsticks and angle of chopsticks)

N = number of Chinese meals eaten with chopsticks

n = (the Greek letter 'eta') texture parameter including shape, softness and crumbliness (a piece of meat is easy to pick up and has a texture parameter close to 1, a grain of rice is not so easy and would have a tiny value of 0.05)

a = (the Greek letter 'alpha') slipperiness of food (the stickier it is the closer the value to 1)

d = diameter of food (cm)

m = mass of food (grams) t = plate to mouth transit time (seconds)

geesh arent you glad that this is not in you syllabus? haha and some jap phrases you can use when...

somone is stuffing food in already filled mouth with chopstick
shout: " gomibashi!!!! "

someone is licking the ends of the chopstick
yell: " niburibashi!!!! "

someone is waving the chopsticks indecisively over the food
bark " miyoiibashi!!!! "

haha cool isnt it? and the last fact of the day: what is the phobia for chopsticks?!
ITS----- consecotaleophobia

hehe so thats something new today!!!! haha.
To Source

alright so thats the trivial for the week..

i find the this week passed absolutely fast and its like gonna be prelims in 2 days time. im super stress lar. But thankfully we played badminton on wednesday and i feel so much more relieved after the game having been laugh until my stomach is complaining on the excess air i gulped in for opening my mouth so frequently. Kelvin was just so dots. he used the badminton racket cover to whack the ball which is like so doTS! its like the "poopped" sound was sooo intimidating n i swear i almost slipped and fall due to vigourous laughing. yes we won bernard haha we won the badminton fiesta autumn06 i tot its a nice name yeah mamameen (adopted by hs the bitch) Yeah i guess it was a fun filled wednesday which reinforced as a stress buster as well as a exercise event.

geesh i felt so good after "excreting" all the fats and unhealthy toxins accumulated in my body due to excessive stress and bad eatin habits. Yes and to my horror my fitness level now is totally unacceptable. FAT my gosh i think im FAT geesh.. cannot muz shed more lard next time. yeah more badminton and more exercise! alright i think ive blogged enough for this week.. so yeah check out my blog next week for more trivial updates plus mourns for the papers in the first week! . its yw, signing out!

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Sunday, September 03, 2006 @ 11:47 AM
road to destruction
hey guys!

nothing much happening occured to me as usual but i guess its just my normal way of living on planet earth. i went to bishan community centre with bernard, hao siang, jinyan, aaron and ben yap haha and it was quite productive at first, but my productivity sort of declined after lunch break which is very not right. so when i first arrived at bishan i though ben meant the library but i saw this picture (to the best of my ability i have to illustrate this...)

i have no idea why but people are all plastering themselves at the glass door also dunno for wad.. its like so dots. and got this camera men all set and ready to take mutiple shots and max his memory chip. super dotS! then i was like "cant be!" then suddenly out of nowhere a memory bolt kinda jolted me "CC" oh yes! of course how can i possibly mistaken CC for library! i danced with joy and hurried towards the majestic brick red walled bishan community centre. oh perfect.. i rushed up and ben yap came out and greeted me with his rolling eyes tectic. which is so dots. haha. and jinyan came thereafter followed by aaron and haosiang. sigh, like what can i say? bernard is always the last one to pop in and pretend that hes on time :D damn! i waited for so long under the freezing field condition can?! so omg lar. freaking cold lounge.

and there were like so many muggers around my desk.. totally scary.. after like 4 hrs we decide to go for luncheon @ junction 8. gosh its CROWDED its like they should really revise the population density in bishan... its so omg. next time singapore will concave downwards at bishan coz its just heavy.. like so dotS?

we had KFC which is Chicken not fish bernard, i will never in my life ask u what type of fish you want when we go dine @ K F CHicken. argh. and im not gonna order for you " 2 piece chicken meal with drinks, coleslaw change to cheese fries, " thats triple dots for you. -_-" i may be blur but not that blur till the extent of a blonde. -_-

alright then on our way back to the lounge....... this peculiar phenomenon happened the LIBRARY IS MANISFESTED BY MANY MANY PEOEPLE until the sliding doors have trouble closing... so bernard was suggesting this: (again to my best ability to illustrate)

yes the aunties and obasans are gathering furiously around the cookery sections busily scribling whatever that interest them. oh no fugly... haha but i guess simone and daner shld join them. the obaaaasans gathering. haha like totally hilarious.

so i left them around 6 coz i figure out that im actually disturbing them by poping by their desks occassionally and i feel so weak. my mana is just pathetic. nvm i shall go buy a vitality booster someday.. hehe not funnie.

and Guess what? ive finished episde 12 of nanoha A's episode. Hyate-chan ROCKS big time. Wo yong yuan zhi chi ni!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! can!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! omg hyate-chan.... (eyes pop out heards)

alrihgt i guess its enough to blog for today, haha if later can i upload the video onto my blog :D so see ya! its yw, signing off!

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Friday, September 01, 2006 @ 10:09 AM
only 1 word, 4 syllabus... DE-VA-STA-TED

oh no im so going to fail my gp prelims. argh and its like the fIRST paper! like hello?! hate it lar. im so going to get slapped from north south east west..

so prelims is just 1 week away and i haven even started much. gosh how slack can i get... im so gonna die and get slapped again.

nothing much eventful happened these days.. except watching the nanoha season, can harokin hurry up upload the last 2 episodes of season 2! coz i cant wait!!! argh geesh... i almost cried when i watch the episode on christmas eve.. haha so touching man..

er oh yeah i feel so bored. got to do some mugging today i have to.. if not its a mega

yes a mega GG (good game) for me. which is why im soooooooooooooooooo stress now argh..

alright time to go and do some serious work.. meanwhile do jiayou for everyone just another less than 60 days everything will be over soon! (i hope) ! so see yar!

yw, signing off

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