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Saturday, June 24, 2006 @ 3:14 PM
oh no.. hols ending..
omgz omgz omgz.. its only 2 more days to sch reopen.. gosh time really flies during the holidays.. so what have i done? nothing substantial really... i think im dead for mid years AGAIn. sigh..

oh i thought of something funny, haha quite dumb though


8 tips to when should you start fearing the doctor ure consulting

1. When your doctor sees you he/she grins with an evilsih smile :)

2. When taking your body temperature, he measures you against the mercury-in-glass thermometer on the wall. despite the fever you're suffering from, he/she insist you're having a cold. (tempt reads 21 degcentigrade)

3. When prescribing you with medicine, he flips his old and dusty
" The Book Of Unrealistic Healing Methods"

4. he uses a telescope instead of a stethoscope to listen to your heartbeat. he claims that your heart is weak because he cannot hear any sound.. and your lungs are not working because no breathing is detected AND he suggest an operation to replace your lungs with his "highly elastic organic balloons" that u can buy in packs of 10 for $2 in any regular pasar malam..

5. Instead of prescribing paracetamol for your fever, he writes " 10g toadskin, 2 fish eyeballs, 2X10cm long seaweed, 3X20cm long earthworms, 10X10cm python skin and 2 huge ants" Boiled with chicken blood for 50 mins before drinking.
5 times everyday.

6. Whenever you ask him are you positive? He reassures you everytime, except that his nose is lengthening each time he answers you..

7. When you receive the medical cert, its in parchment and ink. All smurged..

8. When you reach home, all the ingredients prescribed crumbled into dust..

haha hope that entertained you for 5 mins of your life!!! sigh back to more mugging!!!..
its yw, signing out!

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Monday, June 19, 2006 @ 10:48 PM
my random rants
so life has been as miserable as it has always been. With the exams around the corner, its not helping either... My stress level is back to its pinnacle again. (huge sigh) i nid a stress buster!!!! oh today my blog entry has NO main topic to discuss so i shall just rant anything out random...

so while leaving the restroom from ang mo kio lib last week, a book caught my attention. Its a chemistry book that was chucked in between indian books -_- like totally dots. so i pluck it out and thought it was quite interesting and started glancing thru. haha within i found one chemical process called the sulphonication if memory serves.. haha smth new eh!! and this is a very interesting question:

which of the following objects are chiral?
1) a glove
2) a baseball
3) a screw
4) a nail

haha get ya thinking about that!!!

blonde n blonder
i cant believe i was that dumb last friday la. You see i went to McCafe for a coffee with glenn and thinking i could do math and in the end? we ended up talking. So i did not one, not two but T-H-R-E-E totally dumb blonde act.

Act1: I took like 45 mins just to choose ONE pen and in the end guess what? i took the one i first tried. Like wth? and i just realised i wasted time for lan T_T. dots

Act2: We wanted to go and play lan, but we figure out that the lanshop located in Great World City is charging an exorbitant price: $4bucks/hr. Like wth? so we realise its the monopoly in that region and decided we shan let him earn. so we took a train to get to paradiz. hehe AND we were late and realise the train we are suppose to take @ tiong bahru has arrived. the problem is, the lights were blinking and i shouted bitchily " oh!! stop dun chase" and guess what? that blinking lights blinked for at least 12 blinking seconds before the door closes. And me and glenn were like standing there stoning ; stoner than some rocks. -_-"" then he gave me that diao look.. Opps... (damn i hate making decision)

Act3: on the way back to the train station at doby ghaut station... we went thru the gantry then i realise oh! we are heading a wrong direction cos that stupid sign wrote Noth East Line (arrow down) then i was like lets exit and find the correct exit.. After we went out of the gantry and lost 40 cents from our EZ link. quite easy isnt it, we realise there isnt another gantry to go into North South Line.. after scrutinising all the sign boards around us... guess what..

glenn: " isnt that North South line (arrow down) just beside the North East Line the sign board wrote it!! "
yw: '' OMGZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! " ( if im on msn i swear im just looking like the panda that retreated to the background and giving this -_-""

sigh i dunno wads wrong with me that day though... oh no.. this is so dots

alright its getting late, i still got lots more chapters to cover tomorrow..
its yw signing out!!

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Wednesday, June 14, 2006 @ 1:42 PM
an unglamourous yesterday
oh so my browser just refuses to open blogger leaving me no choice but to play dotA with bernard yesterday night hah!

Well after reading bernard's unglam incident @ the ang mo kio lib i cant help but laughing. lol hmm let me try to give MY side of the story

so yes i woke up at like 826 am and my jaws almost dropped seeing the DIGITAL numbers reflecting 0 8 2 6 HRS - OMG!!! im LATE for the Daily Event of "who can be more kiasu" @ ang mo kio lib. As much as many may agree that its a very uncivilised time to wake up during hols but im left with no choice. Piles of homework and tutorials piling up for me to revise and do. oh no. dots.

so i rushed through everything and dash at top speed to the bus stop. waited so long for the bus and i was like damn it 9.10 and im only at the bus stop.. The transition of the train from SW to NS was gutesnaly smooth. Zero mins of waiting time seriously aided to my partial victory. And we have a Singapore Conversation of the Amazing Kiasu Race:
bernard: where are you now?
me: oh 3 more stops and a 5 min run
bernard: Eek, this sound so amazing race

like totally LOL. So after alighting at Ang Mo Kio Station i dashed down the escalator, furiously smacking "aid pesdestrain walking" button to make sure the cars will sTOP. dots. and DAShing thru. and oh no there is this group of students walking towards the lib like totally dots. i saw them and thought "these ignorant kids have no idea of the impending doom that will befall upon them mwahaha.. after which is continued at my constant velocity of 10m/s slowly overtaking them and just like what bernard mention of the slowly eating people during long distant runs i feel that their souls have reduced to more ATP (adenosine triphosphates molecules) and i feel that my aerobic respiration is being enhanced with the oxidation of more ATPs. gutesna. just like a living death prophet gliding through the cities with weird stares occassionally. oh yes im storing souls. LOL

and when i reached the soul garden. i took the hypothenus and home straight for the building. YES my destination- the Ang Mo Kio Library. and oh no! bernard arrived before me! And there are like so many bitches plastering themselves at the glass door. Its 9.55am and the seconds are ticking away. And i see bernard was well prepared with a sling bag and a file on his right hand. And yes we are preparing ourselves for. NOT flight or Fight BUT a stampede as described by bernard lol. And yes i can feel a sudden adrenaline rush pulsating through my body and my control centre(brain) tells my limbs to " MUST get the SEATS" yes we are that desperate! So as the librarains stroll towards to open the doors, we took a On ur mark, READY? And once the door slided open, CHARGE!!!!!
i instantly casted Exorcism and relased all my invisible souls that i have caught earlier in aid of my victory, stealing any remmants of energies to convert to more ATPs gutesna. And those dots librians were like greeting us "good morning" but i took a glance and rolled my eyes 360deg. and carried on the "rush for seat" competition.

using an analogy of being a morphling i immediately converted all my energies into agility points and morphling into the most agile me and dodging dark daggers and backstabs i reached the staircase with relative ease until this fat bitch tried to overtake me and for underestimating my size i hit my hand onto the railing and caused my speed to be greatly reduced. oh no! i thought to myself so unglam! too late once we reach the top of the staircase we took a sharp right turns and oh those dumb blondes behind us took a left turn cos there are more seats there. totally dots. And when i reach bernard release his sling bag and landed onto the table and his file instantly flew onto the next table
and PA PA! oh no he booked 2 tables and his butt was already on one chair. GUTESNA We gigggled and celebrated for our success yeah!

haha quite unbelivable eh. and within 30 secs all the premium tables on the second floors are occupied. haha like totally dots. yeah typical singaporeans.!

hah and we studied with benyap and waiyip and jinyan until like 7+ then we go for dinner. i still think i have yet to do substantial amt of work. like totally sigh.
right so ABCDj was funny and the night ends with a dotA match ^_^

hehe aright i shld end here and go for mi luncheon.
yw signing off!

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Friday, June 09, 2006 @ 11:20 PM
its a long break..
hey fans! im back!!! haha
wow i didn't even notice that i have yet to blog for nearly a fortnight. Miss my blog entries?? well dun fret coz great write YW is back with a blast!!! (lol what a cranky intro)

oh life huh? life is good life is gutesna life is perfect. (my bs skill sucks) my foot ah! stupid mid years like totally ruined my june holidays!! sobz

so X Men 3: the last stand was quite a disappointment. and jean grey kinda look weird in the show.. :( de-kudos

oh so bernard apparently caused me to be hooked [ (eh not as in my t-shirts got hooked by an S-hook) and its S hook not Ass hook -dun think sick ] onto Da Chang Jin. yeah i guess u all would know its a korean show about the imperial kitchens and how some good souls Ladies got butchered by this muderous and cold blooded Lady Cui whom in the end died by slipping off a cliff. how dramatic and dumb :O haha. so as i was watching da chang jin i realise the koreans have a very strange lifestyle. So the main topic of today's blog: How and why we should never adapt korean's lifestyle to Singaporeans' even if we are die hard korean fans!

Number 1: Imagine wearing those bulky and balloon-like dressess that the Ladies wear in Da Chang Jin. 1) u gonna get heatstroke 2) Stranger: "eh, ah mei ah ni ki siao ah " Ah mei "diao" and though it looks absolutely appealing to pregnant ladies but i think the foetus will go " oh no im surrounded by my mama's womb and my mama's womb surrounded by a layer of still air!!!! " Like totally dots

haha actually i can onli think of one. hehe

oh yeah so today is the opening of the

haha enuff of lameness.. should be

yeah so soccer fans!!!! enjoy ur soccer matches and yawn im tired tml will yet be another day of mugging!!! hehe its yw signing off!!!!!

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