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Thursday, July 20, 2006 @ 10:05 PM
Change in blog address
as of 20-7-2006, chanyw.blogspot.com has officially moved to a new location on the world wide web.

please visit griffinkid.wordpress.com for more details
see ya there!

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Monday, July 17, 2006 @ 10:31 PM
silver happiness

ITS totally OMMMMMMG !!!!
i actually passed my napha test with silver !!!! and i broke all my records!!! like totally gutesna! whooo!!! lets do a recall of what happened...
first after jumping for 8 times and on the 8th jump...

my gosh even mrs tan actually stared in shock.. haha such a tyco jump la!!! so my broad jump has improved by 15cm to reach a all new hi score of 227cm !!!! my gosh im soooooo happy!!! (really thnks mrs tan!! for giving me so many chances! )

and my pull ups has increased by 1 now its 5 ^_^ and shuttlerun i have hasten by 0.5secs to 10sec AND sit and reach i have increased my flexibility by 1cm! hah! only sit ups remain at >42 which is sooo perfect!!! and i tell u when i finished all my 5 stations it was raining.. darn i have to wait until 5pm then i can take my 2.4km run which was like the determining factor of my silver... the suspense was a real killer :(

I must REALLY thank the t-19ers who came down to cheer me up @ the track it was totally AMAZING!! (oh no so blonde) At least all your efforts and perspirations did not went down the drain!! haha

i tell you by the 2nd round i can feel the oxygen (my fave molecules when it comes to run) has been backstabbing me by oxidising my poor throat.. that feeling sucks man.. i thought i couldnt make it until ron ervin seelin and eug start running with me and really push me for the last round haha so in the end.. i hit the finish line slapping off my previous record of 11.48min and replacing it with 11.28min.

OMG!!! im soo happy lar! and i seriously dashed like mad to the finishing point! YES I DID IT!!! omgz i passed my napha test!!! i swear if i had any more energy i would have dance just like the blonde in the video lar!!! Its totally amazing!!!! haha thats a reduction for my NS next year!!! whooahhooo!!!

Thnks to all that came down to support me !!!! haha esp those that ran with me too!! haha couldnt have done it without you guys!!!!! ^_^ (and mich and shing and rach and simone haha nice cheering eh) so happy

alright i know my blog is abit cmi so yeah bear with it while i try to fix the technical err. ZZzz alright im soo happy i shld go dancE!!!! This is sooooo aMAZING!!!! WAHHAHAHAHAHHAH
its yw, signing off!

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Sunday, July 16, 2006 @ 4:45 PM
stepping forward: Doom

so basically another week has passed before i even have time to react about it. u can say im quite retarded and slow but i just feel that time on Earth is accelerating and yet im still moving at my constant 0m/s which is very not right. Seriously.. everyone seems to be moving along with time, only me, still stale, stunned, sleeped, frost bitten, black holed, astrally imprisoned and banished. This feeling just suck. As doom day draws nearer i just feel im completely helpless but only to succumb to the aggressor and end up butchered, mutilated and dismembered. Again i cant help but predict what is going to happen. i dont want it to happen but i am absolutely clueless and lost my bearing. Who can be my compass?

and i just find that there are so many distractions coming in my direction. After having put one away, another one strikes? As much as its not as deadly as the 7deadly sins, but i still feel that it is enough to obliterate me into a million atoms. (the enthalphy change of atomisation of yong wen = 4mths of o2jam+dotA+TV shows+going out)

and life sucks seriously. not especially you're living on a tiny island on earth named Singapore. As much as we are ranked so high up in terms of our progress in globalisation, but sadly our people are also one of the most unhappy earthlings living on this planet. Why not? It's just so much stress that i think its more than what a human being can tolerate before it reaches his or hers breaking point.
again, Life sucks

oh well its a sad entry but i just feel that im really near my breaking point. Its like i feel im in this room shrinking at an exponential rate. before you know it im squashed. Really.

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Tuesday, July 11, 2006 @ 8:51 PM
Dont stop laughing guys!


Sunday, July 09, 2006 @ 10:29 PM
Soccer Fever
hey fans!! great writer yw is back and yw decides to do some writings before going to sleep!! haha

oh a big thank you! for everyone who compliments my blog skin and thnks to the original owner for it too!! haha

alright so its the Finals of the world cup 2006 that is happening in 3.5hrs time!!! i bet everyone's ready for it! haha. So today is yet another ordinary sunday. I did my homework (im so guai la!) and watched Jie Da huan Xi damn silly but hilarious show!! and i went to my sister's new house!! so gutesna. the environment is just so condusive and perfect! im soooo jealous!!!! grr =X

oh alright i should end here and play o2jam !! ^^ haha alright may the best team wins the world cup so that they can fill the cup with water and hydrate their players after playing...... *(eh kk not funnie)

alright lame joke of the day:
Fat fugly biatch: (walking in an antique store, she saw something amazing and intriguing) Hey salespersonnel, which part of the body does this instrument massages?

sales personnel: (she stared @ the fat fugly biatch sheepishly ) " It's an abacus "

Repeat after me! DUMB BlONDE!!!

lol, its yw, signing off!! (p.s. have a nice soccer match!)

Saturday, July 08, 2006 @ 2:56 PM
rollor coaster nightmare
hello fans!!!

omg term 3 week 2 is just so bitchy. cant stand it.

The Mid Years has just pawned Yong Wen's head for an extra 100kg worth of more tutorials [ -_-" NOT funny - especially when the PTM comes again ]

this is like totally not right. AND im still not quite done getting over with my dad's workers having a strike on my 1st PTM like wth. It better DUN happen again damn it ZZzz...

oh so that blonded bernard and kelvin actually when to uninstall the Warcraft from their computers. Like WTH la. i bet kelvin instigated him to do it. and now? oh perfect! kelvin actually installed warcraft back after not 1 mth, not 1 fornight, definitely not a week but ONLY T-H-R-E-E DAYS like WOW. how perfect !!! -_-""" (kel when u read this, please go and SMACK ur head against the nearest piece of solid brick wall). This is so dots la. now i got no one to play dota with me. But its okay all thks to yet another blonde simone has intro me O2jam which im currently hooked on haha. i'll publish the photo of my lovely character another day. ^_^.

so the week ended with friday (like duh). And oh yes!!! guess what? im starting school on Monday @ 9am haha ^_^ shiok. Im quite surprised actually and i think this can be a rare event that has happened in my school which follows a Poission Distribution of mean (1/365) Lol. but at least its something gutesna. ^^-thnks ah world cup

oh so yesterday we teased simone like mad lolx. and we even linked her to simone-kio. which is like dots? simone is related to pinocchio living in ang mo kio. How apt!!!! ^^.

Hah so its weekend again!! bet you all enjoying le!! alright so see ya!!!
its yw, signing out!

oh last thing... doesn't this looks utterly familiar??? lol.. :) [someone is brewing..]
-eh, not medicine la! :P

Wednesday, July 05, 2006 @ 10:36 PM
omg!! dumb blonde!
hah so today is week 2 of term 3, wednesday and it seems that many pple have gone home early dunno why ? :(

omg i went to jinyan's blog and found this AMAZING video. totally SIMONE-type!!! wahahah!!! i couldnt stop laughing!!

with courtesy of jinyan!! thnks

alright, enjoy this video then.. sigh i cant believe my mum railed @ me this afternoon for playing o2jam. and o2jam, ROCKS! im lvl 4!!!! kudos!!!

cool right? haha griffinkid just rocks in any gameS!! mwahhaha
alright, its yw, signing out!

Saturday, July 01, 2006 @ 10:53 AM
a magical weekend.
so basically the mid years ended and it seemed to have taken a toll on my mental health. - totally demoralising. (huge sigh)

But! im glad that Charmed Season 8 is back!!!! kudos!!! nothing beats seeing my fave stars acting and vanquishing demons again haha. Like totally! esp the part when piper start to blast demons and freezing time!!! just whole lot of fun!!!

And omgz! yesterday i just play the bitchest queen of pain ever man! check this out:

like totally!!! in the end i slap down the frozen throne myself. like totally ROCKS!!!! whoooooo haha. yes yes perfect!

oh no!! its pokemon time!!! haha alright i'll blog some time soon meanwhile to all youths! happy youth day!! and enjoy the long weekend!!!

its yw signing out!