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Thursday, December 27, 2007 @ 5:01 PM
The End of Year Thing
oh no i know my blog is dying yes yes... frankly speaking there is nothing good to blog about these days!!!

well but most importantly im blogging today to clear the misconception that you think my trip to JeJu (a.k.a Thailand) was actually a 21 days 20 nights Vacation at Thailand. Well if that is what you are thinking because somehow or at some point in time you misunderstood the way i describe scenes or being influenced by somebody like bernard then i can assure you its so not what you think it is. Because it really wasn't ez at all and i cant exactly spell every damn shyt out because i was told that our blogs are held under close surveillance of menacing eyes and any forms of retaliation or showing feelings of resentment to the almighty green organization will probably cause us not to see the light again... literally. Its ruling is of course so strictly ridiculous and not to mention the set of indoctrinations that follow closely after. However to question it, is unthinkable.

it has been already 1 week since i last came back home. Ahh... the feeling of stepping into our very own world class Changi Airport just couldn't feel any better. Especially after the nature of the horrible trip it was very much appreciated. It was only at that moment do i really miss Singapore. And everything that follows after just went down the hill... First was my computer- totally void of any internet connections leaving me no choice but to reformat it. It worked finally but my com crashed the next day and the next next day and yes within 4 days i had reformatted my computer 3 blinking times. like omg ive suddenly become the guru in reformatting coms because i know exactly what programs to install first and all. Wow like how awfully awesome is that man.

Christmas didn't exactly happened as the way i envisioned it to be. For starters i failed to meet up with my sec friends and i couldn't meet up with drew either and it seems that all the Christmas that follows after 2005 has been becoming exceptionally dull and meaningless. i cant put up my christmas tree because my innocent nephew may burnt his fingers touching the halogen bulbs... i cannot meet up with my friends because time is essence and they would want to spent with their family and loved ones and that leaves friendship to be compromised. And why is time an essence when wow we are all wasting time day by day? well we all have to backtrack to whatever i've said earlier because of the demi-godlike powers that we have surrendered our souls to. Moving on... But i still had a great dinner at my sister's place on christmas

and all these happened and today is already Thursday and yes my leave is ending soon. Its really sad, but there it is. oh yes and guys u all must watch Season1 of Brothers and Sisters its OMG nice i dare say it is even nicer than Grey's Anatomy ^.^
Alright im signing off and i'll write again soon!

Have a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
P.S. I'll check back with my Resolutions for 2008 next! Stay Connected!

Transcript of the Month
Norah: yes, would you care for some more lamb?
Warren: no thank you, whats going on?
Norah: What you mean?
Warren: Why is anyone else but us talking?

Noah: Oh, well they all think that i don't know that my husband had an affair with that woman Holly over there along with a cunning little cottage built for two to go with it. Yes Warren, you see they all think that i'm leaving in the dark and they are terrified that i'm going to figure it out today and in their panic and obliviousness and their eagerness to handle me they have lost their very basic ability to conduct themselves in the social circumstance. It is very sad, but there it is.

Norah: Would someone please pass the mango peach salsa to scotty?

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