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Saturday, June 30, 2007 @ 10:25 PM
a new chapter

[[Tea House in a hotel, celebrating Timothy's 1st mth!]]

sigh my hols after bmt is over and juz completed 1 week in my new unit... omg its horrible... i totally miss the good old bmt days.. o wells...

the new harry potter film is really omg-looking i want to watch!!!!! yes ber apparently owes me a ticket and free pop corn to go along with!!!! haha! yea thats one event to look forward to.

and in 1.5hrs time everything will be more expensive by 2% so pls buy more now

great i have nth much to blog about... my mind is in a blank and my flow of thought is totally messed up... time pls accelerate within this 2 yrs.... i want to go to uni!!!! omg i juz totally cant imagine how life will be in the uni... haha

alright i'll end here
its yw signing off!

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Wednesday, June 20, 2007 @ 6:00 PM
a blondes talk

hoi hoi im so frigging bored right now can... e amount of time i spent rolling my eyes at home becuase there are nothing for me to do is probably enough to generate a capacity of energy enough to power up the whole of my neighbourhood -_-""
Maple is getting dots and i cant believe i lost 10.8m like totally just someone tell me what is the probability of failing 3 slots out of 5 with a 60% chance that a scroll would work. FUGLYYYYYYY

Next, im totally having this book in cum posting slash yw's-doom-day blues right now... I DUN WAN MY CIVILIAN LIFESTYLE TO GO BACK TO MILITARY T.T
i cant imagine waking up @ such uncivilised hours... sobs

anw on a lighter note ive copy and pasted some damn funny dialogues and for special effects these were all taken from the blondessss trioooo

[[ A round of applause ]]

chello : Oh ! The police is here. Quick! Jump out of the window
daner : But this is the 13th floor.
chello : Hurry! this is no time for superstitions.


see lin : Do you love me ?
chello : Yes Dear
see lin : Would you die for me ?
chello : No, mine is undying love


Simone : How old is your father ?
Ju : As old as me
Simone : How can that be ?
Ju : He became a father only when I was born


Waiter : I've stewed liver, boiled tongue and frog's leg.
Daner : Don't tell me your problems. Give me the menu card.


Teacher: Simone, your composition on "My Dog" is exactly the same as
your brother's. Did u copy his?
Simone: No, teacher, it's the same dog!


Father: Your teacher says she finds it impossible to teach you anything!
Ju : That's why I say she's no good!


Manager : Sorry, but I can't give u a job. I don't need much help.
Chello: That's all right. In fact, I'm just the right person
in this case. You see, I won't be of much help anyway!


Teacher: "How do u think Shakespeare wrote such masterpieces?"
Ju: "With a pencil, maam, either a 2B or not 2B."


Simone: Mum, teacher was asking me today if I have any brothers or
sisters who will be coming to school.
Mama: That's nice of her to take such an interest, dear. What did
she say when u told her you had a younger brother?
Simone: She exclaimed OOOOHHH MYYYYY GODDDDDDD! and fainted on e spot O.o'


Teacher: "Where were u born?"
Chello: "Singapore"
Teacher: "Which part?"
Student: "All of me"


Teacher: "Ju, u missed school last Friday."
Ju : "You're wrong"
Teacher: "Wrong, how so?"
Ju : "I was absent, yes but I certainly didn't miss it!"


A teacher was asking her class: "What is the difference between
'unlawful' and 'illegal'?" Only one hand shot up.
"Ok, answer, Chello," said the teacher.
Chello : "'unlawful' is when u do something the law doesn't allow and
'illegal is a sick eagle."


Simone : How much to have this tooth pulled?
Chello : $90.00.
Simone: $90.00 for just a few minutes work???
Chello: I can extract it very slowly if you like.


Ju came home from school with his exam results.
"What did u get?" asked her mama.
"My marks are under water," said the Ju.
"What do u mean 'under water'?"
"They are all below 'C'level"


Wahaha just for laughs i hope you guys wont mind. O.o not so petty right wahahaha
alright im off to dotA i tell you lanaya is damn bitchy pls try her when u have e guts mwahaha

its yong wen signing off!

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Friday, June 15, 2007 @ 5:38 PM

Isn't it sometimes surprising how much a photo can stir up one's feelings- the touch, the smell, the sight, the taste and the sound. Captured images are like stilled moments that seems precious to us and sometimes we wish that time will just stop there and that event will just repeat itself over and over again.

Sometimes i wonder what will happen to this world once it reaches its maximum or rather the question is will there be that 'maximum'? We are still clueless at this point in time. What if decades after decades, centuries after centuries and when that day comes everything might just reset and we may just re-live those moments we wished time would halt...

More often than not i wish time will just stay still just like captured images and i will still be the innocent me having a simple life going to school and having fun with friends. No responsibilities, no worries, no nothing... Life seems to be so fantabulous then..

Sadly these are just impossible and we all have to move on...

Anyway today i went to see a dermatologist at the Singapore Skin Centre and omg i tell you the 11b totally rox my sox its like totally " One Card to Rule them all " i was so shock when the pharmacist told me that the SAF has beared all payment so you may now exit the centre, have a nice day!

oh man i was totally stunned coz 1st time in my life i get to walk out w/out paying for my medicine haha and darn i shld have demanded some skin moisturisers and toners and SKII whitenin' ... tekong sun is seriously deadly ...

and i'll be getting my copy of command and conquer 3 - tiberian wars later like totally omg can... e childhood game that ive enjoyed like totally haha

and julianne if ure reading my blog right now yea im kinda copying ur format haha next time we exchange photographs ya! lol!

-its yw signing off!

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Sunday, June 10, 2007 @ 2:42 PM
back to camp 1 last time
sian booking in in 3 hrs time siannage-------
but this will be e last time im gonna book in to tekong le!!!! yea mamanem!

and check this out!

[[Viewers Discretion]] - Eh click on it to enlarge if u cant see e words boxed up in red lolx

OMG! i almost fell off my chair when i saw e personal message... LOL i dunno why but i juz found it funny. lol. okay im signing off nth to blog about -sian, bored

its yw signing off

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Thursday, June 07, 2007 @ 5:39 PM
6 more days to POP!
6 more days to POP P O P O 6 more days to POP P O P OP
no more SOC... no more IPPT 6 more days to POP P O P O P!!

omg... 9 weeks of BMT training in tekong has finally come to an end... isnt it amazing how time flies... i could still remember surviving 2weeks confinement in camp... tat was really miserable haha... anw its pop next wednesday!!!! haha congrats to all REC who enlist the same time as me that we have all made it this far safe and sound!

As for bernard im so gonna congratulate him for his imminent successful posting to OCS and fufilling his dreams as an evil, b1tchy officer who wishes to go back to tekong and tekan e specs... (oh no hes soooo gonna slap me)

Anw i juz hope 2 yrs will fly past quickly juz like my A Levels... Well nothing much to blog about i'll think of more to blog soon :D

its yw signing off

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