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Thursday, December 31, 2009 @ 5:08 PM
A Start of Something New
Just twelve months ago, I was still labeled Green, standing guarding some really ridiculous places in Singapore which i thought was still absolutely dots now. LOL.

Well 2009 was indeed a year well remembered for. The eagerness to ORD, the unspeakable horror to find a job during an economic crisis, and enduring the pain and suffering for ONE semester of study. What a way to end the year with mixed feelings! But i am really really happy that i could actually achieve probably half of my resolutions for 2009 =) kudos.

Had dinner with Simone and Ju over at Waraku yesterday and i thought it was just exciting as i listen to their incredbly incredulous stories. Seriously! It is like as if i was sitting through a pile of 10 000 pieces jigsaw and every minute i manage to piece a group of colors together, and every hour a group of colors of jigsaw can piece onto another group of jigsaw forming a even bigger picture. Well... talking about hollywood script writing i think their lives are even more exciting than that. LOL - neh i lied just kidding. LOLLLL

but yea, when ju said that she learned a lot from this year, i also thought that i learned something incredibly important as well. and that would be Friends.

Something so common, so easily overlooked which i always took for granted and i guess it is kind of a pity to only realise the importance and the true meaning having to live my life to the twenty-es. I just want to thank drew and bernard for extensively slapping me over and over again (not the slapping part pls) and really force me to see my shortcomings and helping me to overcome these one at a time. =)

as for the the L4D2 gang- thanks for intro-ing this omg game really. Felt so relaxed after playing it haha! and tts cy, lennard, simone, ju, janice , shing =)- i must cont to improve if not simone is just gonna laugh plus ju is totally secrely training.. ahhh cannot cannot. muz step it up le.

to my Le Nottie X'mas 2009 new made friends!!! -drew, jinsen,pam, xavier!! thanks for coming for the party and i must say i totally enjoyed myself. and before i forget i must document this down. Pam- you have been exposed out of T-H-R-E-E tails. 1) sex toys, 2)condoms, 3) when u return from the states you get? -pam" herpes!!!" . Yup tt's right!!! i guess more to come our way ba!!! and yup guys i really enjoyed myself at the cafe and also the log cake tasting and award ceremony at the tennis courts!!! pam u better keep the sceptre in place or else next yr u'll be crowned Queen of the Dottest Dots again. LOLLLLLL. Cant wait for the sequel to Le Nottie X'mas!!!! >.<

yup. so lets draft out my 2010 new year resolutions!!!
  1. Continue to work hard for the coming 2 semesters T.T - its gonna be tough!!!
  2. Support Justine's Matches as much as i am free to do so!!! Please win the Wimbledon!!!
  3. Play Even better tennis than 2009!!! and More Tennis sessions!!!
  4. Pass IPPT!!!
  5. Spend quality time with family!
  6. Spend equally quality time with Friends!
  7. Improve in L4D2 (must not die before simone or ju die. top priority<<<) LOL
  8. Continue to hunt out all my shortcomings and improve on my character!
Alright i think 8 is enough. Alright!!! lets hope that 2010 would be an even better year than 2009!!!

Wishing everyone, family and friends a Super Duper Happy New Year 2010 in advance!!!!

Yong Wen

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Wednesday, December 16, 2009 @ 12:57 PM
a not so perfect ending
Sometimes I just wonder how many more to go? How many what? how many more obstacles that i have to clear before i can start to enjoy my life? Life's short and i felt like i've already wasted so much of my life clearing obstacles, enduring hardship ... so when exactly will i be officially emancipated from all these pain and sufferings? I feel that i've lost the strength and will to continue on looking at the path forward filled with so much anguish and pain. pain, that no words can easily described.

how long do we humans get to live actually? not very long. although the average life expectancy seems to be on a steady rise, but what does that mean? more pain to endure? doesn't that suck? I dunno.

Naively, i always tell myself. I just want a simple life. A life that has minimal stress. Probably getting my dream job working as a Chemist, drive my much conveted car, and get to go home everyday to see my loved ones or spend a weekend with my best friends. That's seriously all i'm asking. But somehow in this world, such simple dreams with no ambitions proves to be 'naive' to think of. I don't know how or even When i can ever fufill this simple dream of mine. It is hard.. really.. and i daresay it is even harder in Singapore. Where all i have is probably one chance. One chance to determine i make it or i break it. If i make it that's probably very good for me and if i do break it... will it be the end of me? I don't know and i don't dare to think about it. It is just too scary.

Holidays are coming to an end in 3 weeks time and i seriously loathe the feeling that a new semester is beginning- lab reports, mid terms, final exams and all. I just find no joy in uni i don't know why..

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