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Wednesday, January 17, 2007 @ 9:31 AM
A Whole New World
hey world!
oh no i realise my blog is so dead since christmas.. well so many things happened and i obviously cant wait to share what i have experienced since christmas. alrihgt, i'll discuss chronologicially, one event after another.. this is so going to be a long blog entry! so seat back, rub your eyes, have a nice cup of coffee by your side and relax as u plough my entry..

Event 1: Trip to Taipei
yup i went to taipei for about 7 days from christmas to new years day. i can tell you the experience is fantabulous.. esp when u're thrown into a country that uses mainly chinese... its horrible.. so its quite a nice temperature of 18 deg celcius.. like a fully air conditioned country. Rocks totally.

yup, this is my family photo at Da Zhong Zi Zheng, a memorial hall for the 1st taiwan president! my dad, my mum, my sisters and bro-in-laws and my 2 little adorable nephews O.o!! haha so after visiting the memorial halls, we went Xi Men Ting to shop and you know most shopping areas have this direction board where it states the names of the shops which are filed according to their categories of sale... i saw something unbelievable

*dISCLAIMER* the content below is not suitable for young kids of age 18 and below. and if you cannot handle offensive and explicit nature of content, do not look at the image below. LOL

oh no like wth is that.. totally dots! i wonder what they sell, oh pls do not ask me coz we never go there... doubt their clothes are of any nice design -__- ""
oh well then we went to ji long, ye liu (tats my MSN display pic) jiu fen, and some hot springs in taiwan like omg HOT HOT HOT it was like burning hot la!!! then when i got out of the spring i feel so fainty and giddy like very omg feeling (p.s. its more shiok than the SPA in showa town LOL!! ) haha so yea, and the next image is of course the hotel that im staying in. its totally awesome!!!! called Gala Hotel, Why? because there is a computer @ the lobby which rocks my sox!!!!!!! thank god there is a com, or else im juz gg to die due to withdrawal symtoms!

haha yea, rocks totally! so my stay in taiwan is not very very long but i totally enjoyed it and last buy not the least, fireworks at the Taipei101 building, which is famous for the fact that it is the tallest skyscraper in the world currently standing @ _____ Ft opps, you go do your own research -_-" we have no tour guides k! =D sorry i coudnt capture e real fireworks on the building coz i was recording it, so those who want to see e fireworks, you ask mi for the VCD k? wahahah. The night the fireworks were over the Sun Yat San Memorial Hall was totally flooded with people and the pple were practically walking on e roads..... like totally human road block la! but its a well worthy experience... once in a lifetime! The taxi drivers all very cute also when he drove us there to watch he kept saying (in chinese) " alot of pple wo!!! 好恐怖ow! " damn cute i tel you they are damn cute. but its really 好恐怖ow!!! haha damn cute! and their service is serious PERFECT. Not even singapore can match up. When you go Ding Tai Feng... oh no they all will greet you in a line and 不好意思 is their fave phrase when they make a mistake! LOL. Alright so my conclusion to my trip to taiwan: i give 8 wens out of 10 wens!! Its a place worth to go to get yourself all cultured up!

Event 2: Stepping into the New Year
alright, as year 2007 officially begins, im no longer a student.. and that feeling kinda sucks because now im e unemployed strata in e society, damn sucky la. and i felt that im neither here nor there and im juz maplling away my time at home but i have no idea what i want to do! And, on top of that my friends are all going into army already and my buddylist, msn contact list, going out to check things out list ALL SHRINKING! sigh i feel so sianded.. then when i go into army in april they are all done with their BMTs and i will have to start mine. LIKE OMG friggin' sian!!!!!!!! my new year resolutions: (i know this is a bit the late) but i want to be a better person, well mannered, be physically and mentally stronger and at the same time treats everyone around me with more respect and heeding elder's advice and i hope everyone will stay healthy and fit for the rest of the year!

Now that i have no school i feel so lost yet again.. looking at those kiddies coming home from sch in the afternoon just bring back the past warmth feeling when we always look forward to the end of school during my secondary school days.. walking on the same path as i always have but the feeling is all gone.. i felt as if my youth has been sucked out leaving an old and senile mi walking on the streets! and i tell you i miss my friends a lot! When i saw those teenagers walking in groups gg to nightmarkets with their friends, its soooo annoying cos i really miss my friends and esp when i saw this group of friends ard my age watching the taipei101 fireworks.. i really miss my friendS! sigh, o well time doesnt go back i guess i just have to move on and find myself more friends! haha

so yeah for michelle, go on and type faste than 30wpm LOL, for simone and ju sell more bras !!! then can get pay rise! for sl, cy, benji, jo and all those in army now I WILL JOIN U LATER !!!!! and for glenn, hope u can wrap up ur projects soon and may you find yourself a good job attachment.. and bern.. i hope we'll find a job soon and get out of the depths of the society! and may xiaohunhun reach lv100 in no time!

alright guys thats all im writing and blogging will blog more frequently from now onwards! meanwhile do whatever youre doing now with all you've got! life is short, maximise it!

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