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Tuesday, October 17, 2006 @ 9:54 PM
argh less than 2more weeks!!! omgz..

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Tuesday, October 03, 2006 @ 8:36 PM
days of hell like-resemblance
basically it has been hell.. really with no sheer exaggeration or whatsoever i have been in living hell for the past months for as long as i can recall... I have nothing to say except being emotionally wrecked and mentally thorn apart. It is just so unfair and unjustified for what had befall on me. I couldnt fight cause i have no strength i couldnt resist cause resistance is futile. So what can i do? I am currently clueless and felt like a lost soul which has been banished to suffer for eternity with no hopes, no dreams, no inspirations, no motivation. I see nothing but a void of darkness that lurks around me, constantly absorbing me into it. I hope i can sleep for eternity really.. i hate this but there is nothing i can do. I cant seem to be getting anything right nor am i on the right track.

i am so physically and mentally worn out i feel i might just break down anytime. Can i really survive till the end of the A levels and left unscathed? i wondered but a resounding 'no' is something that i hear. It is saddening and hopeless for me i know. i dont know if i shld fight it or let it consume me for the latter is being so easy. I am really trying and there is nothing much i could do. its really negligible.

believe me, for it being coincidental or what i have no evil intention of what i did. If 3 years of friendship proves to be nothing but reduced to this pathetic state just because it is a misunderstanding then im sorry to say it is indeed fragile. Nevertheless i hope this incident will be over and that we can all sort things out calmly once our ordeal is over

i am really wrecked and have no inspirations. What can i do? Will God please give me directions to guide me out of this mess?

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