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Friday, March 28, 2008 @ 3:13 PM
ahh 3rd weekend gone
hi guys!
omg ive been also blogging quite frequently these days. Pls do not mistaken im not slacking, definitely not enjoying life coz tmr's weekend would be my 3rd weekend vaporised in a row all thanks to that you-know-who. If im a wiz i would abra kadabra him, if i am a force archer, hes gonna have a taste of my Art of Sniping and if im Lina Inverse, hes so sure to be toasted by my Laguna Blade. Argh how i wish i have Molly's power... a pin and a map that settles everything.

well caballing these days have been very enjoyable... just leveled my character to lv52 today and hopefully to 53 so as to equip my new Bluestin Bow. Say hi to xdrowx!

oh yea and im so bored today and started reading thru my archieves and i really really miss those days when i could be so carefree. Conformity and regimentation was like non-existent?

omgz i hope i can meet up with drew for dinner on sat... i need to b1tch about all the shyt b4 i self detonate and explode arghhhh. T.T

its yw, signing off

NS Status: 52.2% Completed

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Saturday, March 22, 2008 @ 12:04 PM
a day of intense laughing
hi guys!!!
havent been blogging for a very long time because nothing interesting is happening to me as usual and i cant blog about my "lovely work" because its highly confidential.
Anyway the past few weeks had been hell and sufferings. Seeing how both my mental state and physical state has taken a toll, i agreed to meet up with ben, bernard, jinyan, haosiang and waiyip for badminton yesterday. i think that tat would really be the best decision of the month because it really made my day. Badminton has always been our favorite sport since secondary school and if not for the ns we wouldnt really have stopped for that long. The practice was as usual filled with fun and laughter especially when u see how dots jinyan was totally bitchy about the Ins and Outs haha. and i guess its nice to see familiar faces and catch up with everyone once in awhile. IT was short but i felt rejunvenated and fresh after playing for the mere 2 hours.

After that came the highlight of the Good Friday. haha we went to Minds Cafe over at Dhoby Ghaut there near paradiz and played for like 2 hrs. Obviously the game was Im the Boss. Haha i tell you this game is so damn fun if you do visit minds cafe you really should pick it off the shelf. You must be vvvv bitchy to play it damn well.. so basically i was clearly losing because when i made my 1st 2million deal, the rest of the bitchy players already got like 10m like omgz so i realise i shld change my tactics. i started using [i'm the boss] cards in large deals to secure myself some part of the deal money when i have no investors to contribute.. haha how cheapskate of me. but i think the best part was still when i recruited the only investor bernard has and i told e devil (waiyip coz he was so rich then) that u muz protect me if i steal bernard's bitch HAHA tat was like so backstabbing and you really shld see bernards face like he caN REALLY kill somebody HAH but in the end that bitch hs recruited both my bitch and bernards bitch with 6 recruitment boys like omgzzzz totally exciting stuff! In the end haosiang won the game lar bitch coz hes so quiet and planning to get back to us

the next game was like taboo vvvv funny also some of the golden dialogs

bernard: TOP MODEL!!(confident)
hs: NONO, ___ MODEL... eh who wears red underwear??? (trying to imply superman)
bernard: huh wad wad?????
diao... the ans is supermodel -_-"""

js: Kelvin wears a WAD????
everybody including benyap: WAT????? HUH??????
ans: Mini Skirt... -__-"""""""""""""""

benyap: you wear a watch around your?
jinyan: Waist!!!!


haha tat really made my friday T.T Alright im booking in now... i hope all these torment will soon end!!! T.T take care everybody and enjoy your long weekend!!!!
Seeya and god bless!!!!

its yw signing out!!!

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Sunday, March 02, 2008 @ 7:52 PM
v long nv update
omg i juz realise i havent been updating for like 2mths basically life is very very bad and it seems to be going downhill every minute, every second.

the past 2 months have been really very very boring and there is just nothing to blog about... hardly anything interesting or new happened to me because my life is so repetitive and it will carry on for like this for another slightly less than a year... seeing how time flies i cannot help but wish and pray that every minute, every second could speed up and accelerate to my desired point of time in my life which is mostly likely after ns before uni... that alluring point in my life is a milestone in which when i grow up to i will look back and perhaps feel proud of myself that i have done so much and when i see other poor souls going through what i have gone through in the future, at least i could say been there done that.

oh yes and after 4 years ive finally upgraded my computer to the latest technology of Intel Quad Core which is omgz because from a single core processor i actually had an addition of 3 more to share the load that i task my computer to perform. Seeing how much Intel has progressed i cannot help but feel proud of them. From a P1 to a P4 and now to multiple cores to assist users by hastening the computer applications... I hope that in the near future to come, better technologies could swing by and make life easier for all of us!

alright i guess this is juz a short blog entry to liven up my degenerating blog...
*praying hard dat hes caught and i wont be activated during weekends T.T*

prepare to move.. Cease Fire!
yw, signing off

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