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Sunday, June 12, 2005 @ 2:44 PM
another boring day...
yawn... its another boring saturday morning and i overslept!!! for my dearest DotA haha.! first time nia, guess the interest is not gonna sustain me any longer haha. coz i never once oversleep for games, esp not for DotA apparently in my any previous records. lolx.
anyway, for my old frenz, yep, i;ve juz transffered or rather made a new blog acc here since they say my blog is dead, well its revitalised now. wad do u call a lame prawn? Lame Sia.... not funnie. lolx. anyway, yeah, i started off my day with some pokemon... and ... it was great, a pretty average episode. as usual, team rocket always flies off.. wahahhaha

then i had some gunbound games and DotA apparently, for making up to the loss i "incurred" in the monring- lolx. and erm... read some chapters of the Five People you meet in heaven by Mitch Albom. well, this is the second bk that i read so fast other than harry potter. really an interesting book. haha. then the rest of the day i juz rot away, yeah, dealing 100 dmg both enemy and self LOL! opps, dotA terminology i guess.. wahaha... anyway, yeah then i had dinner with my sisters and my 2 beloved nephews! then go home and watch the men dang hu dui , then had a game of dotA which SUCKS TO THE CORE, that fre@king Phantom Assassin! if i used rylai crestfall, do u think you can earn ur burize -_-" ruins my day, stupid scourge. wahahhaha

anyway, this blogspot got no shoutbox., wahhaha, so simone and rachel! u cant shout anything! wahahha, at least i have peace now! wahahhahahahha... i will blog more often from now on. wahhahahah

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