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Tuesday, January 01, 2008 @ 6:53 PM
New Year Has Come
so i guess its time that we put an end to 2007. It was a year that i can never forget in my entire life. I am very glad that it is finally over because that would also mean, more importantly i'm another step closer to getting out of the great "organization"

To sum up 2007... i would say its a year filled with a really wide array of emotion explosions that ranges from happiness and joy to anxiety and disappointment and all the way to oppressed and mortified.

Moving forward like all people do, i cant help but to make some new year resolutions for myself

- spend more quality time with my family members... having to stay away from home for 5/7 of the week is terrible and i always feel bad that i have neglected my family in some way or another

- hang out with friends more and really do catch up with them

- Level xiaohunhun to lv120 and advance as a successful night lord with its complete set of accessories

- hope to finish @tec as soon as possible and get it all over and done with

- watch more TV shows!

yea that would be mostly my resolutions for 2008 and ultimately i wish i will be luckier this year!!

Below are 2 clips from the Award winning TV show, "Brothers and SisterS". their ever first season premiere... haha it is a very very good show and i will recommend you 5 stars out of 5 to watch it!!!

Food Fight! Nora Vs Holly - Ep21 Grapes of Wrath

Jump into the Pool! - Ep23 Matriarchy

Hope you've enjoyed these short yet i would daresay one of the best moments in Brothers and Sisters!!! Simply cant wait for the second installment of the season!!!

Signing off,

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