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Saturday, October 18, 2008 @ 12:05 PM
Times up
Time's Up

Yes I hate it whenever time's up; ending of an exiciting amusement park ride... submitting an incomplete exam paper... It is just terrible... The feeling of incompelteness, despair, disappointment and fearfulness suffocates. It is usually that particular moment that you sensory neurones send an electrifying signal to you brain that will then cause a momentary state of paralyzing fear and the heart will sink. Yes It is the awful feeling though almost instantaneous, but the shackling effect that it has on one's mind is very mentally damaging

I guess i just have to face it and survive this castastrophic thunderstorm that's brewing furiously in my direction. Since i cant run away(being immoblised) i just got to face it and hope for the best. Yes drew!! for the food day we both must survive k... Dim Sum @ crystal jade dinning in, then watch madagascar 2 and dessert @ MOF... Matcha Zen!!! All waiting!!!! Must make it back in one complete piece

Well i guess all the packing are done... health insurances are accounted for. Lastly i just wanna say i love all you people and nice meeting you and i really do appreciate your friendship. And i want to say i love my family aloT!!!

oh yes haosiang! cant wait for the tennis lessons once i come back... time to play some decent tennis... and bernard will be looking forward to that perfect christmas dinner you'll be arranging :) and simone and ju!!! we must meet up once i come back from exilation! oh yes glenn we will go eat and play tennis too once i come back k!
Pray for mi!!! (i need lots of it LOL!) so see ya guys in 3.5weeks time and god bless!!! Take care of yourselves! Would reallly hope to meet up with all of you when i come back!!!!

Its yw, signing off!
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Sunday, October 12, 2008 @ 5:20 PM
Pre Exilation to Australia
Scrub; scrape; sweep

Been absolutely busy engaging in massive cleaning processes around in camp to rid off all sand and mud a.k.a “foreign contaminants” in the aussies’ context of course; Totally insane and repetitive. The checks were stringent and the phrase “please go clean this up again” can seriously be devastating. Finally all the stores are shipped off; kit bags sent after all the intense and ridiculous cleaning.

Yes i’ll be exiled to a place call Australia for nearly a month yes that’s right. Its not Sydney not Perth, not Melborune, and definitely not Gold Coast its totally a fugly place that when i type the name in Microsoft word, It is underlined in red ink; -_-“ u get what i mean dun you. Horrifying isn’t it. Just be glad you are not going there -_-“ I just hope that time will pass fast in Australia and i will be back in no time.

It is again the time of the year when we have to start clearing leaves and claiming our rightful offs. Just had a long weekend after hari raya which was pretty much revitalizing. Lunched with simone and ju last Sunday; Met up with haosiang and joseph for lunch over at Manhattan Fish Market; followed with tennis @ hs’s aunt place with jinyan too. It was great haha especially ‘that’ rally. Will be looking forward to more tennis sessions!!! (oh yes remb to call shawn lai haha vvv long never see him le ) Had a char siew ramen with glenn at Central; meeting with Edwin and gang for kushinbo buffet tmr and drewww for lunch @ ding tai fung on Tuesday. Omgz i cant wait to meet up with all my friends b4 gg to be exiled.

On a different note, the starting seasons of all the shows are surprisingly promising especially brothers and sisters. I just hope that the story can hold before getting too farfetched; with all the Ryan stuff and all it better be convincing. Heroes as well doing fine with many plausible explanations for the suspense they have created. Desperate housewives, is however, looking grim and the trailers are “eyes rolling”. Haven’t had time to check out Grey’s as yet but from the preposterous storyline of the previous season, season 5 better be twice as good as season 2 before show critics start hurling abusive comments on them haha.
Alrightyz... i’ve got to go and make full use of my weekend. Can’t afford to waste any second. Will blog again before flying. Take care everyone and god bless!!!

Yw signing off!
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