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Friday, May 26, 2006 @ 1:20 PM
GP __
alright GP was a real screw up ahh heck it.. its over
gonna spend my first day in the hols well by.. ahem sleeping!!! ^_^

oh yeah

Happy Birthday Benji !!

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Thursday, May 25, 2006 @ 8:43 PM
__ GP
oh sigh term 2 has ended with the 10th week came to an end. and guess what tml is my GP mid year exam.

I didnt really read much of GP materials today; just couldnt get them into my thick skull and tiny brain. ZZzzz...

Oh well just get over with it tml and it will be a long holiday (maybe not so long) and im very bored. i'll definitely miss the bridge, Dai Di, Hearts , snap, goldfish games that i used to play !!!!! awww...

on a lighter note: happy birthday simone !! [ [ -_-"" ] ]
(eh is the note really light?- opps)

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Sunday, May 21, 2006 @ 8:32 AM
a long continuation
first of all my deep apologies for making nonsensical statements for the previous blog entry... My emotions took better control of my hands. Oh well. heck it.

so how is life eh? i can tell you its bad bad and BAD. I just feel so sick to study. It is seriously not that i do not want to, but i just cant help but to feel slack. Just take a look at my disgusting time table. My gosh im ending practically at 5 EVERYDAY. This is absolutely ridiculous. If the school wants the student to do their own studies, where can they find the time to do so? By the time we all reach home at like 6 or 7pm, we are already near brain dead. Finishing our tutorials can already seem to be quite impossible much less to REVISE for earlier subjects. Zzzz

Oh well, unhappiness aside. Guess what? ive watched my first NC-16 movie!!!!! kudos and bravo!!!! haha dun laugh la im such a decent and innocent boi. hehe so guess which movie it was?? Yup its the Da Vinci Code. hehe ive never read the book before so i think the movie was fantastic. definitely 4 ticks out of 5. Opps, i become a movie critic?? hehe but it was good. The plot was excellent and the twist was just unexpecting. I wanted to scan in the movie ticket as a "prove of hero" but my stupid scanner is just not working. So, i used Microsoft Paint, yes, just Microsoft Paint to create a near perfect duplicate of the movie ticket!

Hehe nicely done eh? i was quite proud of myself too haha. but yup that the movie that i watched on Friday. haha

So what's next? yup it was bernard, hao siang and tingzhangs' tjc band concert on sat. Er their entry tik is too complicated to be replicated so i guess i'll give it a miss haha O.o But the concert was gutesna. i think the stage play, tong hua and cannon d was pretty good. ^^ n they actually encore 2 pieces. it was really 10 dollars worth i guess (oh well typical singaporeans! ) lol.

So its school again tml eh. Sian GP exam... its just painful to do, to see to look and to comprehend. -_- Sigh.. alright, time is essence, lets not waste time and play some dotA !! haha See ya!!!!!!!

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Saturday, May 06, 2006 @ 2:42 PM
sigh i have yet to blog for quite a while i guess

so many things happened, im @ a lost myself too

i shant blog abt my malacca trip its too long

so many hw to do.


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