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Tuesday, January 01, 2013 @ 12:21 AM
Welcoming of 2013
It seems that I haven't been blogging for almost a few years already. I cant imagine how much has changed within the past years. It seems that I think I have learnt so much and also lost as much as time passes. Gone were the days I had to be part of Green, now I am just endlessly trapped in the rat race of higher education.

I wanted to close down this blog and never to blog again, but when i revisited it a few days ago, memories of the past seems to have relived itself momentarily, and a sensational feel of regretfulness for not documenting my life the past 3 years surged into my heart that felt empty and lost. The emotions attached to it while writing the blog isn't fake- It was surreal and i could really feel every bit of it. As I am typing this post, exuberant roaring of fireworks accompanied with screams and cheering soar high into the sky. We welcome yet another year with joy, anticipation and happiness. But who can truly grasp happiness? Who can say for sure, I am the happiest person in this world? If there's anything i learnt this year it would be just 1 statement. Nothing Lasts Forever.  It is sad as it is, truly, nothing lasts forever. Everything will eventually fade and be lost.When you thought you gained something but only to realise it actually doesn't exist. I learnt that investing too much feelings into any relationship seems to be pointless and a total waste of time. Because simply, people move on. Memories, good memories rather, so to speak off should be kept, sealed and well stowed away and reviewed once in a while with free time. It is however not to be constantly filled in one's mind and be gravely disappointed to only realise its never going to happen again.

In any case, I shall have my new year resolutions (part of the tradition) for 2013

1. Play better tennis
2. More Quality time with family
3. Graduate and be done with school
4. Find a job, a satisfying one

I guess thats it. The shortest list thus far, but I hope I can accomplish it. A happy new year to everyone and may 2013 be a better year ahead :)

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