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Tuesday, June 30, 2009 @ 3:07 PM
a long haul...
sometimes its just surprising how time flies and and in 2 days time it would be my first fish tank's 1st month anniversary.. Well sadly i couldn't maintain a zero casualty rate because i lost one awesome fella- Oto#1 the swiss commandant a.k.a the algae exterminator... and today unfortunately i lost another female killie from the Nucio Class. It seems to me that another male clown killie is also not doing very well kinda lost his will to survive and hover silently at one corner and unable to swim properly like he could before... I hope that the remaining fishes can all survive... anw today i added another 9 cherry shrimps to the vatican aquarium, taking the positions of the Assistant Cardinals so as to assist the board of 5 Cardinals (sakuras) during Papal Conclave should a vacant see happen-- which i hope not ><><

>> Male Clown Killifish [the Nucios] <<

>> Sakura Shrimps [the Cardinals] <<

>> Current Tank Layout <<

sorry for the hyperlinks.. my images doesnt show up >.<

Anyway enough of Aquarium for a while i think i should seriously take a break from fish sighting and all coz i think the more stuff i add, my aquarium looks uglier.. and my clown killies are like all stressed up whenever i add something or change the scraping in the tank. Sigh.. anw yup just returned from Scamp 09 not too long ago and all i can say i omg culture shock ar.. very different from what i expected and my seniors are omg onzz and all O.o Anw will get more updates on my aquarium and hopefully things will get better~ no casualties anymore please!!! T.T

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Thursday, June 04, 2009 @ 4:14 PM
Hi guys! Well... I cant believe it but i actually gave in to bernard's idea of starting a small aquarium. and tata today is day 1 of my aquarium! so basically i juz add in the soil and plant and driftwood and it looked like this

and after many dots planting and replanting and replanting and now still uprooting hairgrass, it finally looks like this now :)

ya.. haha will be waiting for another 2 weeks till the tank stabilizes and i will blog more once all e bioloads are in... ooo exciting! :D

its yw, signing off!!

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