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Monday, January 19, 2009 @ 9:12 AM
stare-vival challenge
hey guys... the past week was just another castastrophic disaster(as it always is). I cant believe even about to be emancipated we can still can kenna orbs. oh yes i cant spell it exactly the way it is in case some supposedly highly intellectual yet unbelievable dumb and disorganised 'angels' from the almighty heights abovet me decide to punish me for ahem speaking the absolutely truth.

Well what have i been doing? Lets see. Its just a stare-vival challenge. the company will desert you and your so called buddy on some weird and elevated platform. after which, you and your buddy is given 12 hours of time to stare, stare and yes to stare at a 'their so called critical road junctions overseeing the VIB (very impt building) that you r suppose to look after or perhaps commonly termed, babysit. Those who apparently that has superhuman abilities such as astral projection, stoning, hibernation, sleeping-with-eyes-open will find it utterly easy and breeze through without a slightest ounce of effort. for those who dosent? oh yes i mean those hyper active, cant stop moving around for one second.. yes they suffer.

oh yes whats the most ridiculous thing? Apart from fighting furiously with your damaged soul to stay awake so that we can guard against potential intruders we have to also keep a look out for internal spies. like omg? yes very very smart. At the end of the day one is not feared he is challenged by an intruder but instead, ironically, by their very own people tat they so called brothers-in-arms. like omg? the sad irony of being a XY in a small country.

pls vote me out of the tribal council.. i declare myself unfit to continue in the challenge. omg? never say such a statement in the midst of the competition. Because once you're caught with that, you will be interrogated and scrutinized. Of course, the safest way to do this is obviously before attempting to say such things, go to the witch doctor that lives deep in the forest. He will access your 'situation' and award you different charms that will grant you protection but strangely never heals. And rumoured that the moment you receive your first amulet of protection, it will soon become an addiction that never ends. But the thing is once the illness materalises( or evolved) into an addiction, the witch doctor cannot heal you anymore!

Well at least if you have an amulet it could be triggered and activated so that when nukes come flying to you, you will just smile and dodge with 100% evasion. What if those that couldnt make it? those who failed to deceive the 'x-ray eyes' of the almighty demigodlike witch doctors? oh no! that would mean that the contestant will be formally accused and punished. IF youre lucky, they just make you stare even more but this time in a 25x25 area fensed up with huge incantations that writes 'do not cross'- with fine prints saying 'or do so without getting caught' Or, if lady luck isnt shinning on you at all, den it would be the worst nightmare- concentration camps. (ps. too gruesome to say)

in any case i just hope the challenge can end so that i can be back to norm.
its yw signin off!

NS Completion Status: 96.45% Completed

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