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Sunday, April 13, 2008 @ 8:12 PM
A very tiring week
hey guys!
didnt had a chance to update my blog for the past 2 weeks... Been really busy lately with all the @tec stuff coming up..

Oh yes before i forget i must blog about this. Bernard is totally dots yesterday. First, we were supposed to go waffling over @ goldenmile complex before having the dinner. I said we could meet @ lavender mrt so that we can walk over to goldenmile hawker centre... But No he says because he feels that he needs to transfer train so we meet @ little india so tat he doesnt have to transfer train but i have to -_-""
thats not the worse part, then he led me to Marina Sq with a wrong bus like omgzzzzz we totally deviated like thousands of mils off he would have killed a farm of cows if he had fire a bomb -_- """""
the climax has yet to come. then he called for help and andrew ong told him to take 36 from the SUNTEC CITY CONVENTION HALL and we should end up roughly at marine parade. but bernard insist that we should take the bus OPP SUNTEC CITY CONVENTION HALL -__-""
bernard: Hell yea -__-

and guess wad happened? that bus took a ONE HUGE round around raffles city, smu and came back to suntec city convention hall LIKE OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG i felt like a total idiot when i realise the bus looped before entering ECP. and wad was sir bernard doing? S-L-E-E-P-I-N-G


with the usual gang. haha. Well their service is very slow because according to benyap, we actually waited for 1hr before getting a table which is chao ji inefficient. But at least the food that they serve is okay and oh yes bernard ordered that kaminabe thingy LOL. its always very nice to pronounce that word haha. juz dun pronounce the M as N and you should be alright heh. My tonkatsu took particularly long to come but it was still great except for the potatoe salad which everyone was to crazy about because they thought it was such a heavenly delicacy which is totally tiniuniu.

Then after eating jy, hs, wy, benyap, ber, aaron starts to go obsessed with their high resoultion cams which all the angle shots and magazine poses which is chao ji omg. But i think the funniest photo is that one wy took that looks like Mona Lisa missing the silicones. Laughs.

well i think it was really great and i really enjoyed myself and i guess it was like a breakaway from my usual dull and repetitive routine. Well i just cant wait for the next long holiday which is Labour Day... T.T god bless mi T.T

Anyway thnks guys for inviting over @ waraku for dinneR! good luck with your concert on tuesday!

Loves it!,
its yw signing off!

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