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Sunday, October 28, 2007 @ 2:43 PM

Seriously, i am very tired both literally and metaphorically.

it was a really easy week but my body is just getting weaker because its minus minus physical strain and a plus plus mental stress. How can i even remain functional despite inedible food and periodically disturbed sleep? Sometimes im just thinking that all these could be a mistake, a very huge mistake. It shouldnt have happened this way but it did. And if there is this button with the word "inedible" written on it in my cookhouse's receptivity survey i would have pressed that, i would have. Seriously? i have really got enough troubles to deal with and now that someone just casually dropped a bomb shell on me

"Hey you know what u've juz won a 6days 5 nights field camp thats gonna span over the next weekend!, Enjoy!!! Cheers!! "

Tell me, how am i suppose to remain calm, sane, and mentally undisturbed? Seriously? I cannot. I couldnt find out what went wrong because apparently i felt that my discipline was not problematic. How can people be mean and still get away with things? I have never cheated on anyone, bullied anyone, did anything mean enough to upset anyone but yet i am ALWAYS always on that losing end. So does this karma thing even exist or its just my pure naiveness thats causing me to think that way?

Well im sick of being nice... Nice or not nice human beings die eventually. Nice or not nice there will still be villains in this world no matter how hard we try. Nice or not nice doesnt gives you an edge over anyone else to strike a lottery or not. Nice or not nice the ending is still the same. See? thats the defining sentence. THE ENDING IS STILL THE SAME. i cannot believe i actually be bother to help others when im not even demanding anything in return i just hope that one very fine day when i needed help someone can help me. But im just being naive i guess because it will never happen.

It has been a really long and bad week... and next weekend i would be banish into this forrest of wonders where i have to survive for 6 days 5 nights, Kudos isnt it.
Spent my weekend watching the final few episodes of Grey's Anatomy Season2. It was really awesome... Well i guess i'll just stop over here becuase im getting really tired and all...

in these times of emergency i landed upon all i could do i pray for miracles to happen...

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Sunday, October 21, 2007 @ 4:22 PM
feeling terrible
hi guys

this week was totally dots and full of shyt. i tossed myself around on a tatami mat if tats how u spell it and i kept falling intentionally and purposely cause my whole body to ache like wow how amazing right. seriously? its way dumb and stupid seriously.

its good to hear that my mum's medical report went out well thank god. And concurrently... my dad is recovering well from the procedure. Met up with bernard this sat over at goldenmile food complex... had lots of satays for lunch and oh yes you have got to try this: Belgian Waffles with ice cream scoops. I just cannot tell you how divine it was ... check out: www.thesweetstone.com
apparently i think the waffles is very nice and the price is cheap considering the quality they serve. They also gave out the pretentious accumulate-points-and-redeem-your-free-gift-card so for every 20 points u accumulated u can actually get urself a free waffles... haha go try it its really really awesome

and erm, nothing exactly much happened mostly i juz stayed at home and watched Season 2 of Greys Anatomy that i borrowed from edwin... its juz cool to see such radical and extreme medical cases in that show... as much as it seems a bit far fetched they do have strong and proven medical studies to prove the existence of such rare cases. It was so emo for the train episode and yea... im so gonna finish the whole season haha...

and erm im booking in soon already which obviously suck coz this is so gonna be a long and disgusting week and i really hope time can pass fast and i simply cant wait for my next weekend.

yw signing off

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Monday, October 15, 2007 @ 6:42 PM
Vaporised Weekend
Hi guys!!

Haven't really been updating much as my blog title suggest... yup my hari raya weekend was totally vaporised because of the stupid mort@r live firing... well at least it was quite a memorable experience though..

booked out sunday morning and i felt like crap because i only slept for like a pathetic 2.75 hrs and on calculations S@F made me worked for more than 22hrs that day like omg? dun you think we r so underpaid in this 'modern day slavery in-green' argh...

Slept thru my sunday (pathetic right) and today i also stayed at home all day tidying up my room and yes its totally in standby condition. ^.^
And i will have to book back in at 11pm and tml is already the closing address of my course. Well what can i say? all good things just have to come to an end... and i will be back to that hellhole soon... csb... more and more m@rches omg? somebody save me !!!! T.T

yongwen signing off

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Saturday, October 06, 2007 @ 10:55 PM
it was a terrible terrible week... totally stuck in that hell hole for a good 5 days and according to lesson plan things are gonna get worse this comin week... met up with glenn yesterday at great world city and had dinner at this restaurant Cz'zar
(Zhi Char) .. yea very pretentious board and the way they bundle food up as a set is also absolutely pretentious... the food was relatively okay and ya.. at least i nv ps u this time!!! but it was supposedly to be a coffee session... aiks my caramel latte ice blended -_-"

then i went over to glenn's house today and its like my 1st time there haha. and.. his room is like well furnished... cosy bed, table by the side with translucent curtain linings... flat screen tv mounted and a laptop... oh man this is totally my dream room can... One of my ideal saturday can be spent like that in an air con room... reading articles over the internet and doing some research... and once in a while when im tired i can surf the net, tag on my friends' blog... you know such a peaceful and tranquil day is so much appreciated now... but o wells i will have to wait for another 2 years at least before i can get back my rightful 'pink' identity and getting rid of the association with 'the greenery'. terrible... i can only envy him at this point in time i suppose... ooo! i bought some block of wood which can be chiseled and made into a triceratops fossil model for ben.. haha hope he likes it! O.o

well nothing is exactly going my way... everything seems to be against me and from the angiogram results from my dad it is definitely a defining mental blow to me... and because of my association wth the 'greenery' i cannot be present for my dad's angioplasty procedure. im starting to hate myself seriously so helpless and useless and i cant even take care of my dad and my sisters have to take leave to accompany my dad instead... why is all these happening.

and this coming week is gonna be so damn long because i will be trapped in that hell hole again for a good 6 days of which half of it will be spent out there in the field filled with disgusting creepy crawlers how awesome rihgt?

yw, signin out

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