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Sunday, September 30, 2007 @ 5:31 PM
gourmet weekend
hii everyone..

im totally back on course again... life totally suck as a trainee... anw time passes very very slowly in AI and their pace of life is totally 1/2x of what i have used to be working at... and if not for marvel ultimate alliance... i would definitely be bored to death inside that void-of-life-place... so to speak of, only the food is fantastic.

the weekend went by quite fast just like all weekends do... Met up wtih ber yesterday at orchard to eat dango.. -_-" yes.. his brillant idea. and while on the way there i was totally shock when this weird woman came up to me and ask hey you have been spotted and would like to ask me if i want to join their modelling company -_-"" i was totally slapping her away.. then again another guy was smouching at himself when he was walking down the road listening to mp3... totally F-U-G-L-Y. we were totally rolling our eyes. we went all the way to taka to eat dango... it was quite nice though... the lady bbq the dango slightly so that the exterior of the dango is abit crispy then she spread red bean paste on it... yupz quite nice but i still prefer the cold, tri colored dangos @ kushinbo though wahaha. then we had a simple lunch at crystal jade..

yes today... is probably the main highlight of this blog entry... i am so sorry glenn that i overslept ... lolx my dad didnt wake me up today.. so dots la... its okay there r still so many weekends ahead ^_^ or if u wan friday night also can wahaha alright so i met up with ber, jinyan, haosiang and waiyip later in afternoon for lunch @ carnivorce, vivocity... its a kinda brazilian style restaurant and yes as e name of e restaurant suggest it serve mainly meat.. all kinds of meat lamb... chicken... cod fish... beef and all... then the waiter will come to you and personally slice off pieces of meat from e skewer onto your plate. the meat is however quite dry... but their galic bread was good. i also tried their salads.. their tomato rice is nice... soup is weirdly saltish despite it being yam and corn soup.. oh yes!!!!!!!! they served Ratatoulle!!!! haha after watching the movie i just had to try it and yupz its a pretty much simple dish served with capsicon, some vege and potato... basically its juz tomato spaghetti minus the spaghetti plus potato haha thats the most accurate answer i can give about ratatoulle. yupz.. and gosh we were all so bitchy in e restaurant until the waiters start to treat us like totally 100% transparent and bypassing us with this skewers of meat slash pineapple slash garlic bread haha fugly... and it will cost about 34 bucks with service charge yupz... quite a okay spot to go for lunch but i would prefer to go marche instead haha. o wells its bernard's brillant idea anw

so yea the weekend has ended and im about to book in very very soon... ber will be gone for 10 days off to his broodmama assult course over @ brunei which apparently he is being so enthusiastic about yes good for him :) haha then drew is so busy playing maple and dao-ing me coz hes totally cheif clerk in his office now... then simone ju and e rest all mugging feverishly in the library even as i am typing yes.. how fugly is dat -_-"" oh no... im totally left alone for e whole of next week... eeek terrible... and not to mention an outfield cum mortar live firing coming up next next week... terrible!!!!! ewww...


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Friday, September 21, 2007 @ 10:20 PM
Magical Week
hi guys!!!

woot~ another week flew by... (Sense the tone). gosh this is truly the best week ever i had in my camp... Because all the com*m*nders r gone for a refresher course so left our am*pc to take care of us for the whole week... i tell you its totally magical... it is so peaceful, tranquil, soothing, enjoyable, remarkable, undisturbed and to sum it all up, its the Magical Week of the year... It ended so soon... If only every week is like that... watching friends... playing monopoly... o man...

well nothing exactly interesting happened... other than it being magically magical and erm, yeah i got addicted to F.R.I.E.N.D.S again thks to edwin and his season 9 DVDs... haha...

im very glad today coz got off c@mp early so went down to vivocity and did a bit of retail therapy... yupz and i bought food and 4 fila tees omgz very guilty but it was on sale!!!!! haha typical singaporean... alright now im waiting for ber to come back and i have absolutely no idea where he went to. probably still busy shooting his berney hilton sex tape -_-"" LOL

oh before you go, you got to see this... this is so gonna be hilarious and all
esp simone and ju u guys GOT TO WATCH THIS!!!

LOL have a good laugh
its yw, signing off

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Saturday, September 15, 2007 @ 10:05 PM
Rat and Spray
hey guys!!!!

oh gosh i havent really had time to blog... for e last 14days i have not booked out >24hrs, so i really cherish this long weekend (but its acutally juz a norm 2 full day weekend juz dat its relatively longer than my usual <24hrs book-out-weekends)

it is absolutely amazing and for saving grace, ive finally managed to passed my standard obstacle course with the overwhelming cheer and encouragement from my platoon mates, thank you nicholas for running down with me and cheering me on esp when i was about to give up. This is my 1st time dat i ran until i felt im almost 'there' where the clouds seem to prevail, the paradise that everyone dreams off... yea... when i hit the end point i was barely in my normal mental state... staggering around like a drunken man and the feeling is horrible... the air i breathe in seems to be incinerating my throat... gosh shaggest of e shaggest and thats prolly the shaggest moment of the year... but i passed... more importantly... i freed myself from the ridiculous RT sessions and burnt sat mornings... im glad its all over...

well today is yet a perfect day as i started my 'movie biathalon'. It started with of course the Hairspray that is very entertaining... i almost danced out of e theatre after watching...

" i would love to throw a harpoon at the great white whale first " by amber's mum

haha very funnie the songs they sang is absolutely fantabulous...

then after that would follow up with the highly rated Ratatouille. It is damn funnie

" Anyone can cook " by Chef Gusteau

a great movie... haha

so yeah... fantastic day i suppose... yawnz alright gonna sleep... see u guys ard!!!


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Sunday, September 02, 2007 @ 6:43 PM
September ..
hi everyone...

you know what i think that this world is seriously unfair and twisted... why is it that kind people doesnt have a good ending while evil, bitchy, irritable pple always get away with things and all. Its just so annoying yet i just cannot do anything about it. Who exactly uphold the justice in this world? I cannot help but fathom..

Could it be this freaky phenomenum that causes crime? when people take things into their hands to uphold e justice but in the process got themselves into trouble too. How can they be judged if their actions is correct or wrong?

nvm i dunno why im blogging im just pissed that my life is totally so screwed up. Why didnt i just down pes and save myself all these crap... the next weekend is alreeady the dunno how many-th guard duty ive done for e past 2 mths its really terrible to have one on a weekend and furthermore i have to stay back to do RT on sat morning, which means im booking out in less than 24 hrs and i wont get to spend a night at home on my own bed. Horror of e horrors tats twisting my mind and crashing my mental state... When will these torment all end? Life is already as miserable as it seems ... what happen to my guardian angel... why arent you doing something to help me...

see u guys in 2 weeks time...

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