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Tuesday, November 27, 2007 @ 9:30 AM
oh my gosh... im just 11hrs away from leaving Singapore and 13hrs away from bangkok and 16hrs away from ... u noe what

eeeeeeee terrible horrors of the horrors... im like totally become hanshang gong and chang jin... exiled to jeju eeeee... omg i dun wan... Fugly

21 days of bashing thru jungle... 1/2 e time i will be outfield... omg im so gonna dieeee its terrible... eeeee omggggg

Oh yesterday i spent most of my time hopping from shopping centres to shopping centres eating snacks dat i always love... had gelato italian ice cream... auntie annes pretzels.. my fave takoyaki... ToriQ bento... herbal barley... fried mars bars... oh yes all these stuff T.T wad if i never be able to eat again eeeee....

i have no mood to blog le... bb
its yw signing off

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Sunday, November 18, 2007 @ 7:09 PM
dreadful days ahead
this week has been rather dreadful... first was those horrible PT sessions because we are just too free and next was the "buffet for mozzies outfield exercise at choa chu kang" horrifying!! im so traumatised to insect bites... easily over 50 bites all over my body.

it was basically a scrumptous buffet session for e mozzies empire with wide array of delicious fluids ranging from A positive to AB negative. FUGLY

then was e pretentious amazing race again but o well its okay lar at least it burnt up one dreadful friday so in actual fact im quite happy about dat. Sat was spent rotting at home.

and erm juz met up with glenn at gloria jeans cafe. oh no i want christmas shopping... fugly

and ber pls hurry up and find out e cause of ur fugly keyboard problem its totally dots.

yw signing off!

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Sunday, November 11, 2007 @ 5:26 PM
long holiday?
omg... 4 days passed so FAST
eeee terrible im getting that book in blues again

it was a nice 4 day break from that hellhole... escaped last wednesday night- the feeling was just absolutely omgz. oh yes not to mention we did a horrible RT b4 getting out and dat juz made my cravings for long johns worse... Yes nth beats eating something so fried and high saturated after a horrible RT session.

then deepavali i had lunch with my family at prima- the rotating restaurant along keppel road. Had e usual dim sum and all then went over to my sister's place to swim and have dinner. KFC+Pizzahut... cant find any combi thus far ^.^ and i really had a good time ever since ... sigh reminds me of the good old days..

and Friday was that pretentious cohesion thingy at sentosa which is totally dots to e core... and... it was juz the most "fantastic slash interesting event on sentosa ever kudos" lolx

and sat, which was ystd is prolly e key to this blog... went for lunch with ber @ carls and then we went to sim lim with glenn to source for external hardiskdrive aka ext. hdd. thank you la for introducing me that multimedia player hdd coz it rocks thks. its this cool device that can store 160gb of files and it plays vids/mp3/pics on ur TV when u juz plug in VERY cool. thks for not busting me...

yup and all these happy events lead to now my sad time to say good bye and booking back into e hellhole. well at least ive 15eps of greys anatomy in my psp cant wait to watch though!!! alright i'll blog more next week see ya!!!

yw signing off
~counting down to 2wks to dreadful thailand T.T

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Sunday, November 04, 2007 @ 4:11 PM
a long week back, a short one ahead
been a while. sometimes surprises that comes our way can be an angel in disguise or it can be a really little mean bitch- whats separating them? just one fine line.

met up with glenn yesterday and we went to Crystal Jade La Mian Xiao Long Bao. oh gosh, the divine taste of such delicacy (in comparison to cookhouse's food) after a week of overwhelming fatique that drowned me in completely was indeed an intense wake up call. Had a Pork chop LaMian + xiaolongbao + guotie - heavenly, truly.

walked around gwc and stumbled upon McCafe. Had a little frappe when i realised its pronounced as (Frap-pay). I still think Frappe pronounced as Frap will sound so much more cool. And i surfed the net for the 1st time using my PSP. Not that im advertising for Sony, but i think that PSP is indeed a good device to bring along when you're outside if you dun have a laptop or dun want to. Simply because of its portability and the many functions that it contains. From Music to Videos, Games to WIFI access or even reading your fave book in it. All in a nutshell, a sexy sleek device that holds infinite possiblities- totally in love with my PSP.

no words can describe how amazed and impressed i was with glenn's personal collection of drama series. And a million thank you-es for downloading Grey's Anatomy and lending me CSIs and Numb3rs!!!! Haha that can really keep me occupied in camp and all. But still the idea of getting a HDD and download all e vids inside is very tempting. i'll consider!

hang out with bernard over at Little India today- Not a place you'll see me in actually, but what the heck people change i suppose. I crossed the line i should and i thought i would never crossed but i did and it was a weird and virgin experience. Oo i guess its not a very appropriate way to describe it but what the heck. Had some thosai if thats how u spell it and pupli is dat wad is it? that inflated dough like structure that can be burst when u pinch it? haha. food is okay except there is too much onions!!! and Dr.Bernard will prolly go " Onions are good source of potassium, without it your cells will die.. (i am still trying to look interested) like you know? the Potassium Pump? Concentration gradient ?? (moving on...) if not you'll become like a vegetable!! (alright i get that, lets move on -_=')

went to eat belgian waffles again- oh gosh it totally owned Gelare seriously. In every aspect- Taste, Price, Value for money-ness, Presentation, Business Concept.
I am totally in love with that waffles. the semi crispyness, the "waffle taste" tats absent in Gelare waffles... and that ice cream... light in taste yet it leaves a strong impression... I give it 5 out of 5 stars. a must try!

now i have 10 episodes of Grey's Anatomy and 5 CSI epis in my psp- kudos!! oh no... ICCT grading tmr... horrors i dun wan to fail it fugly... asking me to do ICCT is prolly the same as asking a butcher to do a craniotomy surgery... eeee fugly
short week but i foresee its gonna be tiring

its yw, signing off!

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