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Wednesday, October 19, 2005 @ 1:46 PM
YES!!!! promos has officially ended...
haha.. phew...
today is soooo happening. first of all.. simone and gang muz be pretty much CRAZY and wrote love letters and laugh so BLATANTLY until the whole class can hear and expect me to buy it -_-"" NICE TRY LA.

then we move on to play murderer and detective.. haha i only killed 2 pple. and michelle ang juz REFUSES to die!!!!! i blink lyke 3 times furiously and she still
' lalalalalalalalala ' "where is the murderer ah? totally dalida. but it was okie i guess.

and then had lessons as normal... haiz..... i miss maple.. i finally lvled up wehehehe.

omg. and PE lessons was .. erm... VIOLENT.. haha
you shld have seen how frisbee was played man.. haha totally snatching and cat fights and scratching and screaming and scavenging for the frisbee.. haha and omg.. so many cat fights... haha SCARY.
i almost got lyke sustain scratches (meow) juz tryin to get the frisbee from. well ahem... stone golem... looks lyke its not as slow as it is LOL! haha

alright i go ZZZzzz le very tired.. yawn

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Wednesday, October 05, 2005 @ 1:02 AM
!!!!!!H E L P!!!!!!
i can take it NO MORE!
i luv pink i luv pink i luv pink i luv pink i luv pink i luv pink i luv pink i luv pink i luv pink i luv pink
i am weird i am weird i am weird...................

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