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Thursday, March 29, 2007 @ 1:51 PM
ron u dots
Okay ron u dots b1tch ask me to do this thingy zzzz u noe im a vvvvvv busy individual... *lol*
anw yea this shall entertain me for 15mins ..

alright so that disgusting r0nauld Lohhh tagged and say i have to post my 6 weirdest habit
oh gosh lets see

--> 1
i love talking to myself when im alone *dun gimme dat look zzz*
or re enact a scene i really like in a show and pretend im that coolest character in it

---> 2
i will stare into space blankly easily for 90% of my free time and when pple talk to me usually only 20% of the talk's content goes into my brain .. oh did i mention that 20% is already a bonus? O.o

--> 3
ever since holidays start the first thing i wake up is to switch on my computer and go back to sleep for another 30 mins. dun ask me why i start up my com 1st its just weird

---> 4
i have this habit of dotting people yes i know ron will go YAR!!! he uses packets of dots to express his 'speechlessness' for e.g.

Ron: ha ha ha i am roooonauldddd lohh
yw: a packet of dots for u -_-"

i have very cool expressive words which i picked up from jinyan bern they all includes
gutesna, dalida, mamaneem, mama, b1tch, tiniuniu which are vvv funnie and my friends can identify me immediately given those words. RIGHT ROOONAULD??

---> 6
damn the last one.. this is tricky im running out of habits.. erm erm.. ooo yes yes my last weirdest habit is instead of saying hihi, hiie, hello, good morning etc to my good frenz i will usually go hi u b1tch :D so yea so dun be too alarm :D im juz being friendly as usual. yea mama

alright tats it.. fancy cracking my bain for these weird habits of mine.. oh gosh am i weird?

its yw signing out

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Thursday, March 22, 2007 @ 7:39 PM
waha! im back!!!!
im totally addicted to naruto *all berns fault*
Ninja Art: Rosengan!!!!!! (wehehe my fave jutsu)

anw the weekend was gutesna.. we were lured into a jap cuisine buffet by glenn when he assured us it was 19.90 but ended up 25.50 +++ which snowballed to 3o pac. -_-" arigatok gozaimas glenn. anw.. though our wallets ended up with burnt holes.. but i must say e food they serve is of good expectations (oh and i would have said great if they have improve on their tepanyaki.. it was a total disaster). anw the food was relatively okay and we had a lot of fun eating and talking haha. It was hard to begin coz i wan to take and eat a lot without losing my glam side.. but bern was totally "who cares about glam??? " Bern says: We r Singaporeans! oooo with that inspiring quote burning in my stomach, my hands began to sweep the food on e trays efficiently onto my own plate ^_^ WE R SINGAPOREANS!!!!! 3 easy to say yet powerful words that will make u go "yea mama i think the amount paid was all worthy" lol.. so yea we began taking lots of food. and these 3 words r so powerful we can use under so many circumstances

yw: oh ber why r u taking so many soya sause we dun eat dat much u noe
ber: who cares! WE R SINGAPOREANS
yw: yea mama

case 2:
yw: omg glenn r u sure u can fininsh this plate of tempura mountains?
yw: yea mamaneem

yw: omg ber pls stop pushing around there r plenty of food left
yw: oh yea

so u see its a very powerful 3 words that shouldnt be ignored.. WE R SINGAPOREANS. lol so whenever u go and eat buffet please remb to use these 3 words to motivate yourself to BE SINGAPOREAN.

oh good grieve.. e NTU application is juz soooooooo pain in a neck... T.T
its yw signing off

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Friday, March 16, 2007 @ 9:30 AM
impending doom..
Alright it has been very very long since i last updated.. totally obsessed with maple these days..
so nth exactly significant happened thus far since e last post which is partially the reason why i didnt update *lol excuses excuses*

anyway mi ron 'n' simone watched Pursuit of Happyness lol and dat show arrr though its v nice but its super zzz like i wonder if its sheer exggeration or reality that will smith is depicting this world. but whichever case is its quite a nice movie to catch.

anw my dreaded day 13april will come soon.. and drew and clar juz went in T.T oh no.. im juz less than 30days away from my dooms day T.T im totally siandiao right now.. i'll miss my civilian life and all ... but i juz hope dat i can get this over and done with... 2yrs jor.. say long not long, say short not short disgusting... consequence of the aggressive nature of man. darn.

alright i shall end here...

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