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Saturday, July 30, 2005 @ 12:17 PM
a day for emerald
YES!!!! TODAY IS FRIDAY. haha, finally a weekend... waited so long la.

anyway, guess waD?! my oxitrist is finally level 15 in Bootes. Wahahahaha... hehe... take a look @ him now, with that emerald staff and beige neaty...

haha, cool??? hehe... anyway... today was ok... except for that 'glaring' session in the afternoon.. haha.. okie.. that sounds mean.. anyway... dotA players can guess wads the spell below??

haha clue: its from death prophet.. hehe. anyway, i really miss my game la... sigh... withdrawal symtoms coming liao
recalling: ... my fave hero ...

oh ya sorry clarence abt this afternoon la. we dint meant to be too noisy. but we will definitely finish the chem project okie? dun get too pissed off. coz ure really scary this afternoon!!! cheer up!!! okie.. today's blog is quite boring. i noe. nth much to blog abt though..

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Friday, July 29, 2005 @ 12:14 PM
good day or bad day?
OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!

i finally found my last piece of essay that i did last term... PHEW.. if not ms lim will probably send my head flying... haha. it was actually in my old foolscap pad.. so silly.. haha.

TODAY!!!! wooohohaooo!!!
one... (*puff* angel saying u can do it hehe and *puff* devil saying.. u cant do it drop.. drop!! )
two...(and struggling hard, VERY hard)
thrrrrrrreeeeee (after much struggle and employing jinyan's bicycle technique, my chin finally kissed that stupid rusted iron(III) oxide rod. -_-"" haha, though its really CHEAT and pure luck, i pass my napha... i cant believe it... haha but i think i will still cont with my physical training bahz.

anyway, today was okie...... WELL NOT OKIE !!!! I LOST MY CALCULATOR. OMG. this is like my wad?! 4th time losing my calculator. ARGHHHHHH i cant believe i lost it. dad's gonna grumble again (thats the consequence of changing from a big pencil case to a small tiny one. =,="" dunno who took it... can that kind soul return it back to me? sobsob. but it was okie la, thats just my spare calculator, i was suppose to change batt for my casio one. anyway, casio calculators rock big time!!! hehe.

AND PHY WAS HORRIBLE. totally =,="" (diao). i swear i could have gotten that stupid gravitation question correct. but i remb the formula wrongly.. haiz. so sad right? anyway, why human so free huh? go think abt wad satelite thingy. how i wish a meteorite can blast those irritating pests that go revolving ard earth at 7.27X10^-5 rad/s... which they have no idea why must they do that. well of course.. wad can i say about Artificial intelligence..... and it would be interesting to see wad will happen to human on earth w.out satelites helping them... haha nvm.. sounds like an evil idea .out of point. anyway.. phy was badddd... pure baddd

sigh.. still got econs essay outline.. and if i ever get below 10 i can get rdy pen and paper alrdy.

and i juz ate lots of stuff
had ice cream(ripple) with colorful bread... wahahhaa
had dried sweet mangoes
had jack and jill chips
omg... im stuffing myself with sooooo muchhhhh fooooooood la.. haha its good to eat. can destressssss...

hmmm tml is friday at least... and still got lab practical to do for that chem proj... totally........ sianz. and i still got so many assignments waiting to be cleared........... OMG. my brain is BURSTING.... alright i better end there before i really cant finish my homework. and it isnt exactly a good note to end off with all the grumbles of not finishing my tutorials...........

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Monday, July 25, 2005 @ 12:38 PM
end of destruction.. goodbye dotA
okie, today is a rather serious day. ive decided to uninstall my pet game: Warcraft III, the frozen throne. Dota. Thats the end of everything. so.. o well, i dun have my wc3 disc anymore, and so, from now on, there will be no dotA in my life. of course im sad.

but today, thnks glenn, for playing the last 2 matches with me, and we won both, with our combi, lina rylai, rylai zeus. haha. i will definitely miss playing dotA!!! but its okie, i will play it after nov. muz wait for me yeah. anyway, we won so proud to say so. thnks to she's the one too who played with us as morphling and something else cant remb. haha.

so, the evidence that ive put up is...

might be a bit small.but that shows the program cannot be found. so.. yeah.. i muz perservere!!!! haha, anyway, tonight is great. sentinels!!!!! WE ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!

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Sunday, July 24, 2005 @ 1:54 PM
yet another weekend
SIGH! im so dead...promos is only 60 days away... and i still cant seem to find my own source of motivation. and recently i keep feeling smth is not right and this kind of feeling is badd. my whole week was in a mess juz because i slept late on monday night.. and i juz feel so tired to study for the rest of the week. SO SCREWED.

and damn it. i;ve got like how many projects la.. anyway... i read some lame jokes today.. and not forgetting the important Newton's Fifth Law of Motion. lol. and i juz started maplesotry today again in bootes to collect my mark of beta. haha. its cool la. and .. i created my character oxitrist. (cool name right?) and take a peak @ him at lvl 5: haha, cool right?

anyway, i did some ionic equilibria today.. so chim.. regretted not listening in lecture.. and i juz feel so damn stressed. i wish promos can quickly pass.... and PW presentation quickly pass... and my chinese paper tooo.... in other words.. DEC PLS COME QUICKLY!!!!! sigh.. still a long way i guess... anyway, i just lost a dotA match.. im so sad la. haiz. anyway its juz a match.

and i kinda found out smth Apparently HUGE only last friday. haiz. alright. i better log off.. still hav to read up more chemistry stuff.. o man.. i miss sec sch!!!

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Sunday, July 17, 2005 @ 6:41 AM
feeling upset
another week just passed like that again. i really kinda miss my secondary school days and all my classmates!! life is bad... and i've yet to tell my mum abt my triple alphabets grade.. sigh.. she'll probably whack me upside down.

haha and i just realise i've yet to blog for nearly a week. i really dun have habit for such stuff yeah. yesterday i spent 2 hrs in the lib finishing up 2 math hw. im so proud of myself!! haha, not forgetting its only 68 left to promos. and i will remind myself to stay away from dotA as much as possible. and there are just so much homework to do! one gp report, one EoM(which im completely clueless wad to write), one chemistry project ive yet to dl, one physics project... SIGH!!!

I want to watch fantastic four!!! but i juz cant seem to find time to watch it with this kinda workload. sorry kelvin for not being able to go for rapture concert. i think shawn and friends will definitely go one! dun worry k?

alright... i better get down with my EoM before i really run out of time.. sobsob.

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Tuesday, July 12, 2005 @ 1:14 PM
so screwed.. very sad
sigh.. its damn sad la. okie....

-14 hrs ago -
as usual when i wake up its alrdy 6.55am... took a bath and put on my sch U and seaching panickly for my collar pin.. sigh.. its monday again... so much for a monday blues. weekend juz pass too quickly. then rush to sch.. okie... still considered on time.. but i dint have breakfast.. opps, mum and dad, not suppose to see this! haha. OKIe.. its a gruelling 7 periods of chemistry today... totally... i have absoulutely no idea how am i gonna survive that.. chem day... and we got back econs gosh... though im SUPER shocked by my dRQ haha.. but econs was fine... and then we had break and we started discussing abt that pig and father pig... papa, if on the road there is a $5 and $10 note, which one will u puck up?? papa: of course that $10 note la. little pig: papa, you very stupid de leh! shld pick both up!!! papa: -_-"" hahahahahha.. nvm.. sounds lame

okie... then my nightmare came during phy.. okie.. i dint pass... stupid... need one more mark. sigh!! so depressed... and then simone and gang starts that 74 days to promos.. 10 weeks to promos and start sticking that no drugs freebie on her table... Eh.... ITS SCARY OKIE?! sigh... it really is la. pple like all mugging... sigh... im feeling so damn lost..

- For dotA players and to whom thats intrigued by dotA- if not, dUN read! -
came home and had 2 games of dotA , won both. first with death prophet and next with drow ranger. Omg, drow rocks la. i was like level 25 and whacked 25 heroes down... i got this part where i triple triple kill!!!!! haha kill 4 heroes together shiok pitpit. i got burize, butterfly, lothar, bkb, treads and reaver. whooah!!! drow rocks la. stupid prophet went to stab base but too bad the rest of the heroes are no match to me!! wasted by tong xin yuan time, if not could have watched more, stupid prophet!! wahahhaha okok... i shall end off liao. super tired and sianz. tml still got sch.. until 5 pm again..... Tian ah!!!!!!! sobsob

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Sunday, July 10, 2005 @ 6:27 AM
face lift
hoi!! to all my faithful readers of my fantastic blog! (pukes) okie. nvm.. anyway, i've changed the skin today to this one, hope that its more pleasant looking than the previous one.

it has been a horrible week after the mid yrs in sch. and i really felt like 31st may after taking my last paper-maths. but o well. its alrdy 5 july..- totally bizzare and disgusting if i have to use that word. dint even have a good hol and all the exams are badddd.

and.. im starting to think JC life is really horrible. sigh.. another 1.5 mth to promos. o well, i see that rocky, rough road ahead.... (end off with a big sighhhhh) ...

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