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Thursday, August 25, 2005 @ 1:28 PM
a day when utopia ends

WARNING: BORING BLOG ENTRY DETECTED 98.89% probability of inducing sleep
DESCPT: an absolutely fantabulous solution to your many sleepless nights

anyway.. today is a boring school day (oh, like when is it ever interesting?) anyway.. i was still filled with joy and overwhelming excitement over wad happend 24 hrs ago- me buying a DARK CHAOS ROBE whooahh.. oh ya, oxitrist wanna say hi!

Caption: Oxitrist @ lvl 33 doing a fire arrow pose killing a red snail. wahaha
such a wonderful picture but that stupid cursor actually spoilt it. o well.

yeah.. today is a kinda short day. yeah yeah yeah...
oh! i just realise i've got nothing to blog.. eh.. okie...
yeah i remembered i have to do some math .. opps.. Chau!

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Tuesday, August 23, 2005 @ 1:00 PM
omg crisom barlog invade KERNING CITY!!!!!!!
its darn funnie la. i finally know why mages are useless... esp lit mages.
LOL got one mage dint even have time to cast lightning storm, then "tium!" the tombstone fall from the sky liao. its a toTAL MASSACRE for pple in AQUILA OMG- that includes the PROS!!!!

oh well.. after that 1/2 hr of hectic and crazy laggggg in kerning and died 4 times in the hands of crisom barlog.. im back to work le. haha. haiz... another late night....

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Monday, August 22, 2005 @ 12:23 PM
raging hormones.
my mood has been on a rollorcoaster ride these days. i have no idea why it is even happening and i have definitely absolutely no idea how to control my emotions. since a picture speaks a thousand words. lets see wad is happening.

great!... thats how my hormone graph looks like. major flutuations from positive infinity to negative infinity. and looks like it even beyond the infinity. seriously.. this may just account for my eratic mood swing. and its starting to annoy people(i noe) even myself. im thinking that im starting not to understand myself. for all the people whom i may have offended, my deepest apologies. that includes my dad. i know i was pushing my luck today. (glad that my dad didnt explode) im really sorry. i didnt meant that to happen. and that stupid heat rash that i got from drug allergy is certainly not helping either. everthing is just so wrong.

and my parents are nagging and nagging about me spending too much time in front of the computer and that addition of 50 degree of myopia to my right eye is definitely a point not to be missed while lecturing me in the car just now. arghh..

IM LIKE compressed in a TINY bottle where there are NO ROOM To Breathe.
i wish im not born.

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Friday, August 19, 2005 @ 12:33 PM
f e e l i n g s.. .. ..
days of the past has changed so much
heating up and scratching hard
it seems hard to stop

sadness that filled me full
drowned me deep of all my joy
leaving nothing but a naked will
i ponder over the thoughts i had
and question the meaning of life

lingering on earth for so many years
i still cant find the truth of life
the grand design of life and death
is it truely what it is?
will it change for what we hope
where people live in joy and peace
no fights no conflicts no stress
UTOPIA might be what is really IS.

oh crap. im writin crap.. Zzzz.. econs econs econs.. arghh

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Sunday, August 14, 2005 @ 4:07 AM
are u jealous?!

LOL!!!! MY FIRST FIRE ARROW THAT I GET!!! THATS LIKE AFTER ONE WHOLE MORNING OF chionging and drinking at lest 600 mana potions!!!!


anyway... muz play bootes!!! then be our cleric. mwahahahhaa.. see ya

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Thursday, August 04, 2005 @ 12:39 PM
totally- SHIT
TODAY is a day full of shit. everything is so screwed.
oh? so projects are supposed to be wad?! independent learning?
you know wad?! if one day i ever cant take it anymore? thats it. i will wish i can give up on all the projects.
and damn it, for goodness sake, the MOE intro projects is to promote INDEPENDENT learning and CUT DOWN THE ASSIGNMENTS. WTH IS ASSIGNMENTS + PROJECTS = TOTALLY DISGUSTING if i have to use that word to describe it.

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Monday, August 01, 2005 @ 6:25 AM
half blood+fireworks give??
whooahh.. im combining 2 days of event into a single blog entry wahahahha

anw.. lets juz rewind time backkkkk tooooooo?? 24hrs ago... hmm, 3.16pm on a sat afternoon where am i? mugging? nah... im on my way to taka.. yay!

okie, i juz realise i have a kinokuniya voucher expiring tml(from yestd p.o.v) anw, i went down town, wondering which mrt station to alight.. somerset or orchard nearer?? haha, thnks kel for telling me its orchard, if not i will probably walk ard orchard like a lost soul, which i;ve always been one.. haha. i dun go shopping centres-hopping you see.. unlike sOMEbody, and another who always shop shop shop and i bet she can walk ard orchard with her eyes closed and still know "oh! thats top shop! " wahahaha- =,=""

anw, after alighting @ orchard i walked thru wisma atria, relying completely on those signs 'dangling' from the "CEILING" haha. sometimes it really helps. esp- lost soul like me. OMG- its super crowded la. all shopping on a sat afternoon.- hehe. then when i see ngee ann city- yay i knew im on the right track. i went str8 to that harry potter book section and picked one up. that looks like wads below..
haha, dun be mistaken, this pic is taken on my piano today. hehe. anyway, i juz luv that dust cover!!! haha its soooo cool la. but i doubt i will ever finish it soon, probably next yr?? haha it took me like 3 mths to read the former one.... so dun be surprise if i finish it next year!!! haha.
then i went to popular and did more shopping- wow, last time i shopped was b4 chi new yr. so many mth alrdy.

and i watch fireworks yestd. haha so pathetic, only 'armed' with a cam phone, ... so its super dark la, but still can see a bit.

(Swirls.................) - back to now, 3.23 pm on a sunday afternoon.. (lame..)
haha, and wad am i doing now?? oh yes listening to national day song!!! reach out for the stars! haha, the newest one.. so patriotic.. anw i better run, still got some work to cover before i go stunning for the rest of next week! chau.

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