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Wednesday, May 07, 2008 @ 5:18 PM
ahh im really emo
time passes really fast when im not imprisoned in the east. it is sad but i guess im returning back to my cage. im really glad that i had this break after fugly atec1 which apparently taken quite a lot from me. The accumulation of fatique could easier break me . Sometimes i suppose it would be nice if i could just give up and walk away from this mess... a summary of what happened during these 7days...

met up with drew on friday over at ding tai fung, wisma... The food is okay and we spent half the afternoon chatting at dtf, bitching all about our f* up life. yes it is v f* up but sometimes its really nice when u get to bitch about the same stuff to a friend that understands. oh, and we went to ben n jerry for ice cream and watch all the silly clips on my ipod- oprah madtv n simple life. Its really really hilarious. ask drew. Lol. and thks drew for the tibits you've brought back from taiwan!

the weekends was surprisingly low profile.. stayed at home most of the time and play myc computer... aiks. Monday was gutesna, played tennis at ahbishek's house with edwin, zul, vinod n our new pc.. it was really wow. because the matches were so intensified and everyone was so fired up to grab hold of the free movie ticket sponcered by ahbishek. Hah in the end mi and edwin won and we split the cost of Iron man into halves. heh. The movie was great.

i also met up with glenn last night for dinner over at the fish glass house. The fish n chips is like really fantastic. haha. We got the student promo heh im always getting away with it some how. LOL. the calamari was fantastic.. the batter they use is really gutesna. I totally enjoyed the meal... plus still got bands performing leh wa lau. one of my fave fish n co outlets ^.^

well i guess im here right now typing this blog entry... Alright guys i'll update whenever i can.. meanwhile... to cheer myself up and those who are sad out there... its OPPPPRAAHHH!!!!!! ENjoy the madtvs!!!!

its yw, signing off
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Saturday, May 03, 2008 @ 1:24 AM
Hopes that dashed into million pieces
i have nothing but disdain for the person living closest to me and yet i cannot bring myself to show my true feelings. Every single day i have to wear a very beautiful mask painted with such a hypocritical smile and try my best to conceal whatever displeasure i have and reduce all of it to mere friendliness. The truth is sad, but there it is.

Sometimes i ask myself this question. Is the outside world all about putting on masks when entertaining different people? Because if it is then wont it be very saddening? The thought of it makes me sick. It is as if the world is left with nothing but deceptions and lies.

atec1 is officially over and all the crazy training done under the blistering hot sun will hopefully meld into the "unpleasant memories" of atec1 and never come back again... i think we did good, but there are always apprently some who think otherwise. Nevertheless im glad all these madness and insanity is over.

Just when i thought i am on my road to recovery, god has yet again set another obstacle right in front of me. I am near my breaking point yet i cannot do anything. If its a test of my endurance and peserverance i think it is enough. I dont know how much longer i can take. 9 more months of sufferings. It may seem short, but everyday striked out in my calender is deeply scarred in my heart. It is so painful and antagonising that no one could possibly imagine. Please someone let me break free of this endless suffering. T.T

yw-signing off
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