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Thursday, May 31, 2007 @ 11:46 AM
End of Beginning
omg im back from camp... after 3 days of madness and shagness and fatigue im back sitting down and enjoying civilisation yet again...

the past 3 days or rather e past 2 weeks was a total horror...
Everyday was BCCT- SOC - Arms Drill
BCCT- SOC - Arms Drill

omg everyday last week was deja vu with compiling shagness that seems to be overwhelming and endless... omg i definitely dun wanna repeat that ever again

and for e past 3 days its SOC/day like omg can and on the last evaluation SOC we had to do ippt ON E SAME DAY OMgz like omggg but im juz glad that ive passed my ippt so there is nth to worry about.. but i still failed my soc zzz wad a dread..

anw yea i saw bernard sweeping the roads near his coy line and happy sweeping away as he performs his duty as the platoon Ic LOL big shot b1tch sia...
but i muz acknowledge the part stabbing himself with e promethium tip and slitting his wrist with his 11b is really really funny and o pls we all waited very very very long for e hand grenade throw... anw e worst r over we r juz left with our gP le! hah!

anw i guess its time to indulge myself with good food since ippt is over! (oh ber dun read this) lol.. and i guess yup its good to be back. home sweet home T.T

its yw signing off~

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Sunday, May 06, 2007 @ 5:13 PM
2weeks gone again
sigh im feeling super depressed and terrible now.. booking in soon and i just felt that time always passes so fast when we want it to go slowly. And im gonna spend 6days out there in the jungle feeding mosquitoes and all i think i'll just faint...
Still im looking forward to the end of May when things should get a bit better..

sigh 6 days... how i wish it can pass asap... alright im gonna get ready to go... hopefully i can survive T.T god bless me T.T

its yw signing off

P.s. Congrats to those who have applied successfully into the courses they want!

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