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Sunday, August 26, 2007 @ 2:51 PM
Burnt Sunday
hi everyone..

alright... it was a really long week... considering it began on a sunday directly after my block leave... nothing eventful exactly happened during the week... one of e more exciting activity is probably enplaning and deplaning the chinhook... other than that days in camp is as usually dull... Not that i love surprises that spring up to me out of nowhere but o wells i guess im juz bored... Watching and witnessing how time is wasted yet im so helpless about it sux..

today is a total burnt weekend... had 12km run in e morning as e AHM totally ten packets of dots for it straight away... e roads r all cramp up with people... obasans... kids... grandmas... grandpas... students... i think edwin is right- we spend more energy trying to squeeze our way thru than during e run... But its good to see my friends around and say hi to them and all... haha

met up with hao siang, jinyan and ber for lunch at cartel after the run... gosh its so long since ive catch up with jy and hs haha... it was great and we spent so much time talking nonsense in e cartel... But their service is totally dots coz we were practically rolling our eyes... when we go in we werent ushered to a table... and e table we sat at is dirty and omg... we had to request for assistance before one dalida service gal come -_-"" then when we go to get bread there is no bread... when we dispense water from e cambro there is not even a drop... u shld have seen ber rolling his eyes LOL.. but nevertheless the food turned out fine and i did have a great time hearing stories from them haha

o wells... next week have SOC which is totally dots can... i really hate it to the core.. not to mention e on going RT on Sats which i have caused myself to plunge into the program again because according to ber I slacked during block leave.. sigh wth lar... juz when i thought days ahead would be much better... aiks

alright im off to dota, enjoy a few last moments at home and im booking back in at 2200 hrs so early right!!!!! cant we be given a day off tml T.T

sobz, its yw signing off

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Friday, August 17, 2007 @ 4:52 PM
Summex of Block Leave

Hi world!!!
oh gosh, my block leave is already ending.. reporting back to camp tml @ 11pm for guard duty sigh... gosh im so gonna get hell coz for e past few days i have been EATING AND EATING AND EATING and NOT EXERCISING @ ALL OMGZ fugly... im totally like some yw-gabba-the-fat-arse @ home sitting down and munching on bits of food now and then... omg fugly... anw, time passed really fast when im @ home and i realise e main reason is one - i revelle @ 10am everyday instead of 530 am.. so technically my day @ home is shortened by 4.5hrs EVERYDAY omgz fugly are they gonna compensate me it T.T

Well the blog leave has gotten ridiculously boring and its as if im not on one at all... well ber is totally having fun @ safti proning in mud and firing his pet gun (gpmg) LOL! then e rest of e guys r all busy in camp and e girls r all in Uni now. aiks im totally like nowhere in this society lar..

so as a summex of my block leave... i mostly slack at home or i went out to shop ard... had jap food for dinner with ber last sat coz drew conveniently pangseh us... T.T then sunday i slacked @ home doing nth... monday went swimming and rented Casino Royale.. totally gutesna... Gosh i totally love bond's car lar... he has dat defrillator thingy... that helps when u have cardiac arrest or heat stroke de... totally gutesna thingy... saves life jor... but his car is really very very nice T.T

then came tuesday stayed @ home to help out with house work


oh yea i was saying i stayed @ home to help out with house work and started eating my way thru... met up with ju and simone on wednesday and unintentionally watched Perfect Strangers.... haha quite a dalida movie in e beginning and i fell asleep but the ending was quite unexpected.. haha a good twist... then had lunch and back home to slack...

Until today yup friday... OMG let me summarised how much junk food ive eaten juz over e past 5 days
- 12x Waffles (blue berry flavored)
- 1 x 700ml French Vanilla Tiramisu Ice Cream from Magnolia
- 1 x Khong Guan Grape Biscuit
- 1 x Ice Blended Choc Oreo
- 1 x Set A YaKun Kaya Toast
- 1 x Chicken Nuggets from Old chang Kee
- 1 x Takoyaki Sotong
- 2 x Hum Jim Bang
- 2 x You Tiao
- 3 x packets of Munchies Peanut Biscult
- 1 x Pringles BBQ Smoke Flavored

oh gosh e training for e past 6 weeks is totally WASTED, DOWN THE DRAIN SOBBBBB
aiks... this really sucks
nvm ba i shall start from square 1 when i get back in camp. gg yw.. gg

oh yes i guess this is all i did haha before i sign off, i shall present to you my Recipe for e perfect home made waffles (hey, just in case u think that 12 waffles dissolved wastefully in my stomach, you are sooooo wrong mwahhaha)

YW's DIY World Class Standard for Waffles

Materials needed
1 x 700ml French Vanilla Tiramisu Ice Cream (actually any flavor also can)
1 x Packet of Aunt Jemima 16 Waffles Packet [note it says 60% more, get dat one duh]
1 x Philips Bread Toaster [ toasting timings may vary if a diff one is used ]

First you warm up e toaster for about 1.5mins then place e waffles into e toaster singly... then Toast it for about TEN mins. At the 1st 5th Minute interval lift up e cover and turn e waffle around then cover it back and toast for e next 5 mins. Once down, remove e waffle from toaster immediately and air it cool. After which add on 2 scoops of Ice cream on e top and Enjoy e waffle.. :D

Alright should it fail, juz visit any nearest Gelare shop and order the ice cream waffle -__-" LOL

alright, its yw, signing off!

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Sunday, August 12, 2007 @ 9:45 PM
On Block Leave

hi everyone!!

AIT had finally came to an end... but im afraid that this is just a beginning of my 2 yrs of service in my unit... i cant post pictures of my POP coz im told not to circulate it aiks... But o wells all i can say is im juz glad that the course ended early and all...

my block leave is finally here.. smth which i have been anticipating for eversince my last one ended... but now i realise that it is gonna be the boring-est and dullest and dottest leave ever coz all my friends are occupied with their own work and stuff and it seems quite impossible for us to meet up as yet... but thankfully julianne and simone is nice enuff to accompany mi this poor soul for a day haha cant wait for that!

juz went NTUC and omg we spent like 100++ bucks on the groceries and i think 1/2 of them belong to mi LOL!!!! hey.. its not as if i get many chance to shop for food now and then right.. i guess its fair??? aiks... my reasons hah

o wells i have nothing much to blog about except that i know i have a lot of work to do like changing my bedsheets cleaning up my room so dat i can have one enjoyable week @ home.. aiks...

i feel so relax as if im floating freely in the open sea... sunbathing under the tropical sun and taking sips of lemonade ...

its yw signing off!

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