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Tuesday, February 24, 2009 @ 8:07 PM
turning 21 on the 21st
hi guys...

well yet another year and i guess im another year older.. hopefully wiser.. This birthday was definitely one blast unlike all my previous quiet birthdays... Turning 21 actually doesnt have a lot of impact on me... i guess i could start watching R21 movies now? O.o Heighten clearance nia. LOL But to some i guess turning 21 held more meaning to them...

But i must thank my eldest sister for organising such a great party for me; in fact a meticulous one and i'm also very thankful that the weather actually took a turn for the better as soon as my party started. I want to thank all my friends who came and hoped you guys had fun and all... (yw still cant believe he was thrown in the pool..) And yes! all the birthday gifts and beautiful cards... Really. Thanks!

And the next day i went with my secondary school friends to No Sign Board Seafood and celebrated my birthday with wy along with the gang(ber, jy, hs, benyap, aaron, andrew chua.. kel?) yup. Though it was an exquisite meal with a wallet killer bill.. but i guess for that once in a live time celebration it should be worthy.. LOL but oh yes here comes the part that you all have been waiting for... the Birthday Cards Designing Awards.. Every award is unique and it should be the best descp of the card written by that person.

The birthday cards are all of this disney character, Reponzel( i dunno why- ask ben)
2 designs:

alright we shall rank in alphabetical order (in no order of merit) for the Awards Presentation!

Aaron Lum receiving the "Most Dots Award"

Comments: Totally dots and ridiculous, apart from the fact that(on the left side) he said he gave me ___x of dots? totally (shing) mirror reflection back to him, i also couldnt really make out of what hes writing. ah ah.. But thanks aaron for remembering i dun eat chili and tks for ur x number of dots :)

Andrew Chua receives the "Most Decent Card Award"

Comments: Very decent. :) Thanks Andrew.

Benjamin Yap receives the "Colors Award"

Comments: As you can read from the card that he wrote, he is the only one that uses Red Blue Black. Kudos to Benyap for choosing colors to express himself. tks for the card, ben.

Bernard Choo receives the "Best Drawings Award"

Comments: Impressive drawings... but totally irrelevant to me because i do not play beach volleyball. u dots. Anw, this is perhaps the nicest drawings in the cards. so ya, a loud applause to the President of the SPG-ers, Bernard. ty.

oh no, next we actually have a TIE for the recipients of the Most Disturbing Drawings Awards.

*Warning* M18 Content Below

JinYan and HaoSiang both receive the "Most Disturbing Drawings Award"

Comments: The uncanningly and yet disturbingly telepathic Jin Siang Sistas acutally end up tieing in position for the Most Disturbing Drawing award. as you can see from the pictures, the only difference is that jin prefers a sex doll as oppose to siang who prefers a sex puss. totally explicit in content and disturbingly similar. thats right. ty jy and hs.

** End of Explicit Content

Wai Yip receives the "Best Card Award"

Comments: Short, consise, relevant completed with well wishes. Well the choice is pretty obvious isn't it? Ahh Feb babies :) -tks wy!

That's Right.. i hope you guys are happy with the awards and all... So yup..

its yw, signing off!

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Wednesday, February 18, 2009 @ 9:41 PM
a new chapter, a new beginning
hey guys!

Indeed, my first post after 22months as a singaporean pink ic holder! Well lets just say that i'm glad that my NS is over and now... i suppose i do agree with the earlier batches that said ORD is actually quite an over rated thing.. yes the excitement lasted me for like a few hours? that's right... 22X31X24 hours worth of shit in exchange for like a few hours is totally ridiculous.. okay.. what am i saying.. but nvm... right now im like totally idling at home trying to find a job. Well i guess the job market right now is not a suitable time to look for a job(no excuses) but i've tried! U see.. resumes sent.. recruitexpress applied.. well so right now all i can do is W-A-I-T

Ooo.. at least there's something i can look forward to- that's driving. yess haha cant wait for my first driving lesson next monday.. gutesna...

yw, signing off in pink. ;)

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Wednesday, February 11, 2009 @ 12:44 AM
the last step to ultimate emancipation
im glad this day is finally here...
<24 hrs to the ultimate emancipation i've been waiting for...

<3 u pink ic T.T

NS Completion Status: 99.85% << >>

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