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Sunday, September 14, 2008 @ 1:40 AM
terrible horrible, vegetable!
oh hi guys

lots of updates since the last time i blogged!

NDP 2008

Well, this is probably one of the best periods of my ns life... The rehearsals were very dry repetitive and boring but seeing that the actual show went on smoothly was pretty much reliving. The week was magically "shortened" with the book-ins on Monday nights instead of the usual sunday nights due to the off for sats. Will never forget this hate and love event and i felt really great to be part of the show in my ns time.

moving off from that im back to more intensive field trainings which is absolutely terrible, horrible and vegetable (adapted from I not Stupid) LOL. Very very depressing period of time till wallaby arrives. The feeling of putting camou creme on the face is alrdy bad enough seeing the c0mb@t rati0ns is even worse.

oh yes with the writers now finally satisfied with whatever deals they secured (eh or they didnt? i never really follow up juz tag me if u know anything about the final judgement) the shows are coming back!!!
Looking forward to:
2sept - 90210 beverly hills
22sept- heroes
25sept- grey's anatomy
28sept-desperate housewives, brothers and sisters
and many more till i find out the actual release dates!

ahh.. these are probably what's gonna keep me going until sept ends.
for now my main priority will be to clear my next last fieldcamp before australia and a bn field live firing... oh gosh... i really hope time will pass asap and i just cannot tell you how much i am looking forward to the upcoming christmas... It is just so near and yet so far...

well i guess i will just have to grit my teeth and brace myself for the upcoming challenges. in any case i still believe that tough times dun last. It will end somehow... Oh gosh i will have to book in soon fugly.. T.T

its yw signing off!
NS Status: 77.42% completed

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