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Sunday, July 29, 2007 @ 11:45 AM

hi everyone!!! it feels GOOD to be back home and get in touch with civilisation yet again. i am totally tired and shagged and drained from the long week. i couldnt update my blog last week coz it was really too rush came home and my dad said we got to go so dat i wont be late booking into camp. anw i watched harry potter with ber, drew, clar and js last sunday @ plaza singapura. omg the show is quite nice. Specific scenes like the fights between the order and the death eaters and albus dumbedore and voldermort is truely remarkable. But he shld have used more deadly spells rather than his fugly water prison jutsu whihc is so easily broken in the end. aiks. oh yes AND THE my primary purpose of blogging today is to recognise the blondest moment of the year.

Let us present the Most Blondest Moment of the year, nominated for the Most Bondest Momenet in Golden Globe Awards slash The Emmy Awards slash the MTV Awards slash the Golden Horse Award slash Red Star Award goes to Mr Bernard Choo.
Let us re enact the best moment ..

Ber: hey guys lets go the show is starting soon
yw: okay! whihc cinema?
Ber: oh! its erm (blonde eyes skimmed e tickets) cinema 9 (waves his finger) there!
yw and gang: okay lets go!
Usher: Tickets pls ^_^
Ber: Here
Usher: (Rolls Eyes so fast a tends to infinity therefore F tends to infinity) excuse me sir, please proceed to cinema 6 [ S-I-X ]
yw and gang:

LOL yes ber cant differentiate between a 6 and a 9 oh man -_-""
So congrats to ber for getting this prize and thks for e Harry Potter Movie!!! LOL Lets have more bets in e future ^.^
anw the movie went pretty well and after tat we went to Manhanttan Fish Mkt and had a platter of good fried stuff

alright now back to the past week. it was a hellish eternity\3 days on tekong island i never felt so shag before and this week is totally a never-seem-to-end week oh gosh and im only given a pathetic sunday to recover before doing my 10km run along east coast tml how perrrrfect -_-""

and f.y.i miss simone lee i am not so free everyday alright im working practically 17hrs everyday and i really dun have much time to reply to ur messages -_-'' i go out in e morning @ 7am and only return back at like wad 12 am -_- how am i suppose to reply e messages and i nearly got a shock when i saw 10 New messages blinking when i booked out last night T.T o wells i shall go rest more

its yw signing off

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Sunday, July 08, 2007 @ 5:14 PM
oh gosh

i think im gg nuts
i wont be sleeping @ home for e next 2 weeks...
you noe what guard duty sucks

it really sucks
so does RT... why cant i juz pass my friggin IPPT
nth is gg my way

~Life do suck man
19mths to liberation..
may god bless me T.T

its yw signing out

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