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Thursday, March 30, 2006 @ 7:52 PM
7deadly sins

eh, so life is boring yet again

haha i just went to bernards blog and saw his deadly sins.. omg bernard is LUSTY

lol and guess wad i am SLOTH ZZZzzz Im so hardworking la, how can i be sloth

anw, do try out this thingy that will prolly keep u occupied for like hmm 5 mins of ur life?

suck on bitches!


Discover Your Sins - Click Here

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Sunday, March 26, 2006 @ 9:06 PM
yet another week
isnt it how fast time flies?
its my nephew's birthday today
Happy Birthday Samuel!!!

haha. sigh.. the week passed fast enough... i had hardly any time for my leisure (yeah right i play dotA everyday) But im just frustrated with my time table. totally no room to breathe.

Muggerism, muggerism, when will i ever be infected with this virus?
why isnt the 'mug' virus be infectious? be contangious? be air borne?
since its not contagious, why is it a virus?
oh wait did i just said its a virus. actually im not sure too

but please someone inject this 'thingy' into mi (could it be bacteria? or fungus)
oh nvm
i want it!
i want to mug!
please wake some sense in mi before its too late

-the confused and lost kid in town living on an island in his own dotA fantasy world..

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Tuesday, March 21, 2006 @ 6:04 PM
i think i lost my senses

nothing make sense to me now

im tired of the repetitive and monotonus life im leading

why is this happening?

im tired, tired and very tired

when can i ever take a break?

when will there be no homework?

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Tuesday, March 14, 2006 @ 1:12 PM
its hols
right.. i finally get a chance to blog. Everytime i want to blog bernard will demand a DotA game.. Zzzz.. haha now that he is happily attending his music band camp i can blog in peace. Wehehehe.
Well its finally the march hols that ive been anticipating!!!! But the hw the teachers gave is enuff to keep mi occupied for 2 weeks. Like WtH.

Yesterday i was chatting with bernard about how unfair and biased this world is. Well, come to think of it, indeed, nothing is fair in this world. We are all human beings yet the fate that lies with each and everyone of us is so different. i agree with bernard about future is what you make it to be. But the question is its so hard to mould it into what you really want.

There are people out there born with a silver spoon in the mouth. I literally meant silver spoon. They do not have to worry about financial expenses, they can do whatever they want without even thinking about the consequences. Why? Because they have their rich parents to do the worrying part. And the best part? They dont have to bother about studies. They can enjoy life the day they are born. And what about those that unfortunately born with a plastic spoon? Oh yes, they have to slog from morning to night just to make ends meet. Slog in school and trying desperately to stay in the most conventional course that will earn them a iron rice bowl next time in some government jobs(unfortunately again, this doesnt even applies to modern context. no more iron rice bowl). So, what is fair in these cases?

And yes, bernard would probably refute saying "well at least youre born with a bronze spoon if u were to view it at the angle of a poor dude". Well. so what if i am born with a bronze spoon. bronze spoon is still a bronze spoon. its an alloy it will never be on a periodic table. How can u compare a pathetic alloy to a pure metal that is displayed with such high poise that its shinning, beautiful, rare and expensive. Everyone can mix copper and zinc and tin to make bronze.
(quite out of point example) but my point being silver is still being superior over bronze.

And Bernard also mention about how i think. Yes i admit after much thought about you said me being so inclined to take the easiest way out. I mean why would i want to torture myself again when my life is already full of miseries. so wont by taking easiest way out be the best choice to minimise these sufferings?

Next, isnt it equally unfair that some human beings are just born with exceptional huge amount of grey matter in their brains? This is so totally unfair. These smarties can play whole day and yet in the end they can still score As. Wheras some of us that studied so hard yet in the end we are still inferior to them. What is fairness man? And what is with the hardwork phrase that the chinese used to have? U really think u can file a metal rod into a needle. think thrice. It will never happen in this modern world. IF its all about brains, why can all human beings be born with equal intelligence?

i sounded just like a whinny and irritatin bitch. but it is true. the world is biased.
nothing is fair in this world. if i can choose i rather not to be born into this world thats probably full of sufferings and agony.

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Sunday, March 05, 2006 @ 9:16 AM
Shopping- a Necessity or a Luxurous affair

I believe many Singaporeans love to shop
But the question is, is shopping really necessary

Necessary as defined by the dictionary: absolutely essential
Quoting from Bernard: Shopping is necessary! I need to buy moisturizers…
This is NOT essential at all. You skin will not degenerate if you do not use moisturizers. Food on the other hand is indispensable. You cant survive w.out food. ^_^ so moisturizers are absolutely non essential and you can live without.

(You see, many Singaporeans just have that everlasting burning passion to shop. So why are they doing that. I can only come up with some possible reasons

1) it’s a form of cheap thrill and self satisfaction.
2) Too much disposable income ( rather pocket money. So parents. Beware! Ur child might be overspending for all you know )
3) Its an addiction. Like heroine ice and estacys once tried hard to stop.

So, what do I think about shopping

In my dictionary, I classify shopping under 2 categories. One- shopping with objective and Two- window shopping(with absolutely no intention or whatsoever to buy any goods)
So basically the latter is just a mere waste of precious time. By popping yourself occasionally into shops along orchard road and not purchasing any goods from them can annoy the shop owners. In addition, women, one of the strangest and hardest-to-understand creatures on earth are mostly the victims of being addicted to shopping. What they buy?? Yes! More Shoes, More Bags, More Comestics and MOOOOORE CLOOOOOTHES.. (notice the word More is kinda emphasized)Like totally Ownage for them. I bet the shoes bags, comestics and clothes they have during their teenage years are already enough to last them a life time. (not to mention perhaps they cant wear when they are older? Lolx)
But still, the point im tryin to make is, some people are just over doing things.
In economics terms, it’s a waste of resources.

In today’s context, the term ‘shopping’ doesn’t actually quite require the shopper, U, to be physically present in any shopping malls. In fact e-shopping has become quite popular nowadays. Within clicks and mere punching of numbers will cause a thinning effect to your wealth. See the reason why Singaporeans are believed to possess strong spending powers. Shopping might just be that little puny fraction of where the income usually goes. Not to mention, entertainment like movies, blah blah blah

alrihgt i'll end here! do comment k!!! sorry if i hadnt written something interesting... coz im learning how to discuss some issues. haha.
1st entry for my revamped blog!

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Saturday, March 04, 2006 @ 8:39 AM
ahh im flattered
alright, common test was a total disaster for me... T.T i guess last minute work doesnt help at all. sigh but life goes on.. s s s .. popular maxim i suppose... ' okayyyyyy' .

anyway i just saw the tags on my blog and WOW i didnt know i had so many supporters that are so anxious about my blog being revamped. Seriously not to disappoint my 'fans' but i have no confidence if i can revamp it haha.

anw we just got owned really really badly yesterday during lan haha. but it was kinda fun! rightz im off to find interesting news to keep u update!

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