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Monday, June 23, 2008 @ 7:08 PM
Clinging On..
Hi guys!!!
omgz it has been a very long while since i last update... Well a lot happened for the past month... For Starters, i have picked up guitar 2 weeks ago and now... haha! i can play a few songs-
Look After you by The Fray
Beautiful Girls by Sean Kingston
Bye bye- Mariah Carey
Always be my baby- David cook

now i'll have to continue to work on that bitchy F Cord because its really very bitchy be it in its natural form or secondary form. and oh yes hopefully to learn how to pluck the strings in camp from either jon or keane. zzz

moving away from the dreadful memories of atec stage 1 we are now all doing show support for ndp 2008. Although its definitely not how i imagined it to be (no trngs, book outs and stay out) but it is still something different from camp.

and oh yes i finally cleared my ippt... though it did came to be a surprise to me because i never expected myself to jump any further than 225cm but i did anyway... i am just glad that i did it and it was my personal best since p5. like can everybody say wow! LOL (i noe ber and hs prolly rolling their eyes because they r totally gold medalist bitches. LOL- and oh yes congrats hs btw i heard about u being 200 bucks richer)

Life has still been as shitty as ever i just hope that the remaining 7 months can pass asap... absolutely cant wait to join all my friends back at school and doing some really very normal stuff... oh yes before i forgot... do check out the celine dion live in las vegas concert 2007, a new day. its very very omgz nice and glamourous... <3 Celine!!!! Either u buy it @ Borders or u can watch some performances on youtube...

alright guys... hopefully i'll update soon T.T
its yw, signing off!
NS Status: 64.7% Completed

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