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Monday, December 25, 2006 @ 11:36 AM
Outta Town!
hey guys will be out of town till next year! (lol 1jan la)
so yeah anything just tag mi <<<

will update my trip to taiwan!
so take care and see ya!
P.s. Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Bern and jo : Jiayou in Maple!!!! Roar!

Its yw signing off!

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Sunday, December 10, 2006 @ 8:04 AM
hey guys!!!

geezh i guess i haven't really been updating my blog for quite some time already haha. Alright.. so chronologically, Grad Night came first and it was at meritus mandrain on thurs 30/11 haha. It was quite okay and Matilda sang some songs for us!!! kudos. Well basically its just an event where people can mass spam flashes really.

heh, i guess its a lot of fun (p.s. what's with alicia's face???? shes drunken???? LOL- my best gal pal eh)
NExt, Class Chalet @ NSRCC was totally hyper! its like i didnt sleep for the whole night and next day we still went biking for 14km like omg. and guess why we bike for? To eat Macs -_-"" then that seelin ah said smth like "u all rent the bikes and bike until butt sore just to eat macs?? just call for mac delivery la cheaper than bicycles rental" HA HA. -_-"" actually he does have a point though. nevertheless i guess its still the experience that counts! so yeah we left the 2nd day after diiner with my friends. I am so glad that i have my quilt and bolster for the night!!!!
Lastly, the event yesterday. ->Going in place of my mum for a wedding banquet @ Hyatt was probably the best choice ive made thus far. The food there is omg. Highly recommended that you go there to try. THe cold dish came and i think its a total pwnage to other hotels.. they actually serve sushi, jap eel, fried dumplings etc. Their serving size is just gutesna. Not too much, not too little. Like omg i totally enjoyed last night dinner to the core lar!!!!!! SUper gutesna!
alright time to stop. Have to do some mapling le! sO, see ya and take care!

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