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Monday, August 31, 2009 @ 10:37 PM
an abysmal beginning
its already week 4! omg? and sadly i am still acclimatizing to uni life. Well i guess im finally out of the "spoon-feeding" environment and im kinda missing it. Now that the syllabus becomes so vast i can hardly get a good overview of the chapter much less to even understand it. 2weeks to recess week and 3 weeks to mid terms. wth. time is of essence but i dun seem to have any motivation to mug. Sian~

~updates of latest tank~
contemplating whether a not to add in a fire eel >.< How cherry shrimps? will u be the food for my new eel? Sigh~

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Tuesday, August 11, 2009 @ 12:10 AM
a start of something new
wow seems forever since i last blogged... heard from so many people that they are actually going to shut down their blogs... o well. Anyway sometimes i just thought that i really do miss the good old times that i have with my classmates when im in secondary school. after talking to ber about our fave school times we both agreed that  secondary school days were the best. yea it was indeed. jc was bad. slacked and mapled caused my grades to slide, work piled up and it just keeps snowballing into a colossal mess. something that i struggled so much and i didnt enjoy at all. but apart from my academic abysmal in jc, i find that the friends that you meet in secondary schools are seemingly much closer. So much so that sometimes i just wish that time can reverse and i can enjoy those innocent days where we will just go have a simple meal in a hawker centre and bitch about a bad day or at the very most visit like sakae sushi or soul garden for celebrations perhaps? well sometimes its not that i cant afford to do all these but i feel that through time and all people change. it could be because i am quite resistive to change or to put it simply im naive and dumb founded most of the time to even change. Or perhaps i have changed just that i didnt notice? i hate myself for being so materialistic. i hate myself for being so brand conscious. I hate myself for being so extravagant. Why Macbook when Timeline can do the same job? Why ipod when creative muvo can play mp3 with equal capability? Why adidas and nike when reebok or puma offers equal quality workmanship? why spend $40 on a buffet when a $2.50 charsiew rice can fill my stomach as well? i dont know i just cant seem to answer all these questions but 1 word that i can fit in is probably materialism. and i kinda think its shallow. very shallow.

schools starting today -damn. so long since i last touched my books. seriously. its -omg. 

yw feels old for school -_-

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