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Thursday, December 29, 2005 @ 10:37 PM
i dunno wad to blog`
omg omg omg


and my hw are still not yet completed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm soooo dead... ZZzzzz

holy mama.

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Sunday, December 25, 2005 @ 10:09 PM
santa clause is coming to town

wooT its finally christmas!!! haha. I went to andrew's house yesterday and had christmas luncheon treat from his parents. Wow his house is really far, i had to take like 3 transfers in order to get there. oh yes! something new! i nv get lost in sengkang estate! haha kudos!

alrightz.. so andrew's parents prepared lamb, chicken, assorted vege and some cocktail plus coke-lime + sparkling juice. it was gutesna and absolutely filling... my stomach juz bloated and almost burst. oh tat would be unglammmmm... hahaz

then we started to hook onto the computer terminals and started playing. gosh. bernard is soo cheapskate. he fired honey potion and ultranova on haosiang's poor pet. haha. gosh.. you wont want to see the dmg icons.. totally tiniuniu

next we exchanged presents. Benyap got mine which consist of a electric fan in the shape of a pengiun and a paper weight, while i got kelvin's handphone holder. haaha. gutesna

so bernard pangseh us first, and andrew chua came late. by 6pm onli me haosiang and kelvin were left in andrew's house. and we were mapling.. haha. we had dinner @ andrew's house b4 we left. and gosh! kel and haosiang is totally HYPER.

we went to bowl near kovan and my scores are absoultely DALIDA. and kelvin is so fake. " wo bu hui da de" in the end become top scorer. and spare god knows how many rounds. goodness me. totally ownage for him. im juz being slapped away. haha.

after bowling we went to mac and start gobbing after fries and kelvin's external food: wang wang . totally DOTZ. until abt 11pm b4 we start to make our way home.

oh yes! @ 12.30 am this morning.. i opened my christmas presents. Got 2 t shirts from my sisters!!! thnks!!!! hahaz. like totally. hehe.. and today i juz came back from christmas dinner with my family. hahaz. gutesna!

Merry Christmas to you!!!! and have a great new year 2006.
au revior

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Friday, December 23, 2005 @ 10:50 AM
i wanna blog today
to all loyal readers of my blog.. (doubt if there is any)

haha. alrightz.
i haven't been blogging for like eons. coz very lazy Zzz...
okie.. so wad happened these few days??

i went shopping @ harbourfront... bought 2 tops from samuel and kevin.. then went to their stationery shop and get Dr Grip shaker!!! haha. shyt man.. i muz have got infected by the shopping virus...Geesh... haha

then yestd juz came back from my ex class chalet.. darn tiring.. imagine walking in pasir ris park from 1130- 2am like dat... Zzzz.. But!!!! if u do read this.. Beware of this innocent looking toy that plants itself in the middle of pasir ris playground. Coz. ITS DEADLY!!! But its Very Very Very fun!!!!! u got to try it. but u nid someone to stop it for u. (im not telling u which one exactly.. haha u juz hav to try all) but its really innocent looking.. hahaz. and i onli slept 3 hrs. dotz la. next morning i was like a walking corpse... and that ganweiiiiii and seelin were like playing pokers until so late.. but by 6am, everyone was knockout. haha.

K. O . !
haha. And we kept playing dead or alive. Xbox rocks la.
oh yes!!!! let me tell u a secret!!!! daner dyed her hair!!!!!!!! guess wad color it was orginally?? lalalalala

alrightz, i'll stop here, tml got christmas luncheon @ andrew's house. sigh, i need to go shop for presents for gift exchange.. arghh.. every event is juz luring me into the addictive shopping hobby.. haha.. (oh yes.. and i hope u liked the song :) )

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Tuesday, December 13, 2005 @ 9:14 PM
as usual

today, i woke up.. i saw smth

Something which is absoultely FUGLY! omg

A HORRIBLE LOOKING DARK BIRD GREETED ME with the most meancing and devouring eyes.................. OMGZZZZZZZ

haha... but quite cute le. he/she/sexless lolx. took shelter @ my window ledge. WTH!!! i haven even charge him he zao le. (tao zi yao yao) lolx

today is yet another ordinary day in my hols. went badminton with kel, ben and waiyip @ hougang sports, then went to hougang mall and idle around. ZZzzzz... Had terriyaki chiken bento for lunch, then went mac after a while for a fries fiesta (shaker friez+norms) and copied ONLY and ONLY 2 pathetic chemistry questions. ZZzzzz.. omg.. chem hols tutorial is killing me. and 2 hrs of non stop badmintonz kills. ZZzzzz

alrihgtz. i go watch the 9pm show le. haha nice nice.

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Thursday, December 08, 2005 @ 9:30 PM
i leveled up!



Xiaohunhun says " hello!!! "

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Monday, December 05, 2005 @ 3:08 PM
blog abt kayaking
kayaking is really fun!!!!

haha. well that would be the first game thats NOT computer game that i had played on friday wahaha. (not computerised kayaking k rach. -_-"" )

anw.. that was my first time kayaking. haha. its darn scary but super fun!!! And kelvin, the organiser actually took a wrong bus and ended up in CHANGI VILLAGE. like wth! -_-"" wasted so much time (dumb blonde -_-""" ) lolx. And bernard was suggesting kel dyed his hair black which was orginally blonde. WAHAHA. But o well.. we took a bus from pasir ris interchange and ended up @ a weird beach. And yes, the army family having chalet. -_-"" with a HUGE medic truck right in front of their accommodation. LOL!!

then we went to get the kayaks. ITS DARN HEAVY despite it is made using fibreglass (oh rach may want to elaborate.... rach: "oh fibreglass, made up of many atoms thats.............. ") anw. back to point, we then rowed that kayak into sea. Wehehe.

alright. so bernard, apparently weighed his life LIGHTER than his $5 slippers which he purchased in a PASAM MALAM. -_-""". the first thing he thought of when the kayak was capsized was his FIVE BUCKS SLIPPERS. WTH!!!! =.="". He even strapped his slippers onto the kayak -_-"""""""" and he is torturing me @ the back, using his ore and threatening me.. T_T. (im a poor soul on board) ZZZzzzz... And after much paddling. (oh yes!!!! andrew is a SLACKER!!!!! ) haha. at least i still qing ting dian shui alrihgt. -_-"" andrew basically juz sit there and glaze while jinyan paddle furiously. haah. and they even suggested to go pulau ubin-_-"" oh yes the place we paddled was called a Lagoon.

According to Geologist Mr. Bernard Choo.
Lagoon= an area of sea enclosed by land

anw... and oh yes! next time u paddle there dun paddle near the geylong shyt i dunno how to spell that. haha. but o well.. if not the dogs will jump on u ZZZzzzz.. haha

well apparenttly kayaking isnt fun ENough for them and they started CAPSIZING OUR KAYAK !!!!!! ZZZZzzzzz... so, mine and bernard was the first to go down. sigh... maybe im too light. wahaha. and jinyan lost his specs. opps... but he wanted to get contacts. haha. so.. so we paddle kayak and capsize kayaks for the next 2hrs... haha.. DARN tiring! next day i had massively nasty muscle aches over my back T_T

and yes, jinyan;s and andrew's kayak weighed a ton and they tried to drag it back but still cant. GUESS WAD!

" oh, so you plan to bring back a swimming pool as well? " said bernard in the most bitchest manner. LOL... and when the kayak was lifted up vertically.... water flowed out like wow! tsunami. LOLx....

haha... i muz say its fun la.. kayaking... maybe we shld go kayak one day again eh... and they r off to genting........ ZZZZZZZzzzzz

Ah rach.. i finally blogged... haha quite a short one i supposed ZZZZzzzz

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