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Tuesday, August 29, 2006 @ 10:15 PM
Long time no blog
alright.. i guess i have been kept pretty much busy these days... like totally cmi..
Alright im now officially addicted to the anime series; Nanoha

Its sooo cool im telling u thats the kind of anime they should produce more!!! omg they are soooo cool looking!!!!! sigh yet at the same time im struggling with my homework and revision. things arent lookin too good really..

so yeah.. thursday is like GP prelims... and im least prepared for it... Can someone like slap me awake!!! (i meant it in the metaphorical sense if you were thinking of helping me -_-" nevertheless thnks! )

im like hopeless lar... sometimes i just hate myself so much...

i believe.......

its yw, signing out.

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Sunday, August 27, 2006 @ 10:19 AM
im back!!
alright guys... im so going to use blogger again.. cos for some reasons i think wordpress is very inappropriate and getting worse ... my last post over there wont show up. damn.. anw it has been a rough week for me.. and i haven have enough rest at all... im gonna suffer from mental breakdown lar.

im so not use to my empty computer.. but im sure i will get use to it some day.. and i feel so sad coz my xiaohunhun and griffinkid photos are all washed off into the information rubbish chute.. sigh T_T

gosh yes yes prelims is starting on thurs and i can tell u i have not at all done any substantial revision to score a DDDDDDDDDDDDDecent grade. seriously.. i have this bad feeling that is constantly giving me weird vibes..

nothing exactly interesting pop up along the course of last week.. actually i feel that my life is so dull and uninteresting.. i really hate it. my friends are like all progressing well and moving ahead as they gather more work and information.. but im STILL creeping back in square one. sometimes when i see myself in this pathetic state i cant help but feel sorry for myself... so many of my friends have become so successful... yet i am still a pathetic me.. its like no matter how hard i try i just cannot escape from it. i can fathom why and i feel like giving up... really... i think im realy gonna breakdown soon.

p.s. i'll try to get back my tagboard :D

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