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Tuesday, March 31, 2009 @ 10:12 PM
1st day of work

some random updates!! So exciting.. today was my first day of work (tts right..) and i must say i really understand why people say working is difficult. It was quite an easy day for me, well at least a lot easier than i have expected.. Learning the ibms software was quite irritating cos a small err created by me might get extraplolated and become a colossal damage and perhaps get me fired? omg.. and omg sometimes when u make a mistake also very hard to double check..
(yw needs to be more careful.. )

disturbing.. but overall the perm staff there are all very nice people and i seriously like e working environment a lot. And espeically i juz love those LCD TVs around me(though sadly i do not have any on my desk) i can juz leech off other people and catch a glimpse of sports action when im bored :-) and yea i juz hope i dun make any serious errors during my 2 mths stay at espn and hopefully my days get better and better in time!

So its yw, signing off!!!

*day 1 of 45*
~ hope to see jamie soon O.o

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Wednesday, March 25, 2009 @ 3:37 PM
end of the grueling job hunt
41days of madness finding a job- It ends today. 14 27 HRS 25th Mar
Well I'm glad really. Yw is finally employed!

I wanna thank all my friends specifically for helping me in one way or another to get this amazing job.

To bernard: Thank you for all the valuable and amazing motivations. Especially helping me to build my resume from scratch and abolishing that old and whinny version of mine.

To dreww: Thank you for listening to all my crap and yea see u in ESPN for the next 2 mths ;)

To simone: omg!!! Thanks LA!!! I think i get this job mostly coz you intro-ed it to me. so yea thanks!! and see you in school soon!

To benjamin: Thank you soo much for finding all e temps from all sources you can gather and asking me to apply. :) appreciated!

To all others who have helped me in one way or another thanks! This is so exciting.. my first temp job which is also my first job! Guso!! Will update more soon!!

its yw signing off! ~

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Thursday, March 12, 2009 @ 6:50 PM
1 Month of Unemployment
I guess I've come to terms with the fact that "life's hard to get by without an aim or a goal." I never truly understand the meaning of that phrase until now.. Jobless and as i laze around aimlessly like a small puppy that lost his direction(sorry must have gotten to much of Bolt into my head). Truth is yeah i'm really wandering around and contributing to the jobless rate in Singapore as i helplessly send out bundles of no replies resumes.

I guess the only way to steer me back on course is to set objectives for myself to complete. So my objective will be

  1. Get a Driving License
  2. Get a Job
  3. Pass IPPT 2009 on the 1st June 2009
  4. Revise on chemistry
I will just work towards these goals and hopefully i can be less despondent and aimless.. And yeah really nothing much to blog about except maybe to go for the NUS Band concert next saturday? Yea it has been really a long while since i last went for a concert and oooo Roland Garros 09 is probably starting soon; time to find myself a non-retired tennis idol T.T

its yw, signing off
oh man... can you guys just stop working for one sec and talk to me. coz im seriously bored!

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Saturday, March 07, 2009 @ 6:55 PM
3 1/2 weeks of joblessness.. still counting
hey guys... i apologise for the vulgar blog earlier coz i guess i was pretty much irritated trying to find a job... Well actually come to think of it its not exactly im super desperate for a job but totally every single friend of mine has already found a job or should i put it 'a stable income'... that's right.. so its actually very depressing to me that im such a big time loser who cant find a job- damn. But yet i'm like totally enjoying being so free ya.. once in a while driving and playing tennis with top seed Neo Haosiang is just awesome.. Man.. its so hard.. really...

*yw needs a job soon*

omg justine... can you please make a comeback for Roland Garros 2009 T.T
Justine Forever <3

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Monday, March 02, 2009 @ 10:14 AM
How to find a job like that?!
I know the economic downturn is bad but does it give the f**king companies out there to be so f**king picky of their employees? Like omg can. Only one pathetic Admin Asst position you post on the classified u call for like one million people to interview? For WHAT F*** SIA. U WASTE UR TIME U WASTE PPLE's TIME.

AND STILL WANT TO SCAM HOH you know which pte uni you are cb wad rubbish advance diploma thats only 1 year pls la auntie, pple A lvl also nid 2 yrs and its such a worthless cert alrdy yours leh? 1 yr u offer u think recognised meh?- wake up la you f* cabbage patch snatch CCB wan to scam say earlier la wad 500 commision to intro students to your fugly school OVER MY DEAD BODY MAN. Hell no am i gg to ask my frenz to go there for suicide waste money and get a Wad? adv diploma cert? I MIGHT AS WELL GO CHALLENGER BUY ONE RIM OF 80GSM DOUBLE A DOUBLE QUALITY PAPER and print my own cert- C_H_E_A_P_E_R LA u slut.

And you still want to offer me a place in ur cmi uni meh? ooo Advance Diploma thats right WHAT CCB RUBBISH IS DAT? Why not i open my YW UNI then i invite you to sign up for my Executive Degree course 1.5 yr nia your degree bigger than C@Mbridge leh u want? F* slut make me go down all e way to listen to your f* Scam. and f.y.i if your uni is doing well and well aclaimed you nid to use this jian zhao meh? OBIVOUSLY UR UNI IS CLOSING LA CMI bitch.

F* Admin Asst nia you nid 2 years of experience? Experience big F* knnccb pple willing to work hard right? you got give them chance? resume also dun even take a glance ASK US SEND RESUME TO UR F* EMAIL ADDRESS FOR WHAT F* huh admin asst big f* AH CB 1k nia expect us to cover so many duties and for those co out they who EVEN WANT TO CUT COST O =m = g you guys are unbelivable CB ADMIN ASSt/ACS ASST Still only offer 1k work like wad? 5.5 days 6 days? wtf is that cb slavery meh?

Nvm, jobs out there hard to find. OMG TUITION ALSO NOT ANY BETTER. Cb la all the picky parents out there. F* Sec 2 Bio you request Uni Bio Major student to teach like omg? pls la if your dumb blonde need tuition means alrdy not doing v well right? i understand you want the best for your child but be like Realistic? u think wad bio olympiad meh then give the rate also so low u think wad sia so picky u teach your children yourself ah tmd ccb.

-the grumpy jobless bitch .

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