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Friday, November 14, 2008 @ 10:08 PM
Back from Australia
" A 7-sided polygon is called a heptagon "
yes zul, i hope i have answered your burning question you asked during the trip :=)

hi guys! It's good to be back home. The feeling of reliveness and exuberance that rush to greet me the moment i step into Changi Airport was simply overwhelming. On the whole, i figured out i have suffered from excessive inhalation of a large quantity of sand and traumatised slash fly-shocked from the massive houseflies bombardments on my body. Yes; it is THAT bad. In addition to that, I forgot to add in that my camp receives ZERO GPRS signal for cellphones. Yes its Zero cellphone reception. To make a call or to text one has to walk 500m south of camp and under one destined tree he will wave his phone around hoping by a stroke of luck his cellphone can pick up a strand of stray signal emitted from the satelite. An sms or a call must be made immediately once such a rare phenomenon is bestowed upon the lucky man before the signal escapes... Yes im saying it is this hard to just make a call T.T

Apart from the ridiculous way polygon-ers uses their cellphone, the way we shyt and pee is as much as amuzing. I shall not disclose... ask me if you really want to know.

i'm glad that @tec is finally over(for those who doesnt know whats that its just some major exam like ur any A Lvls) And it seems to me that me and my friends have adpoted this cool phrase " I dun care, ORD lo! " Yes repeat after me, " I dun care, ORD lo!" This is our CCC (Civilian Conversion Course) motto k!

In conclusion i am very glad that i made it back in one complete piece. Certainly cant wait to meet up with all my friends (congrats to those dec/jan enlistees, for finally escaping the clutches of evil) and dreww for food day, hs for more tennis!! and simone+ju for more bitching sessions haha!!!!

take care and god bless!
its yw, signing off

NS Completion Status: 86.4% Completed

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