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Wednesday, September 21, 2005 @ 9:49 PM

OMG.. why u so fierce???

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Friday, September 02, 2005 @ 1:19 PM
oh my gosh.. its only 3 weeks more to promos.. (even less) arghhh. im so freaking stressed up.. haha teacher's day ystd was like.. (huhhhh?? was there even a celebration??) then went back to mshs... supposedly to visit the teachers end up chatting with frenz... LOL then we left sch w.out even seeing any of our teachers. LOLX.

then went for luncheon with aaron, andrew, benyap, maurice jinyan and gang. haha had KFC at toa payoh.. then i went home and start preparing for physics.. arghh boring huh?

yay!!! today i bought a ticket to .... ossyria!!! haha i tot equiped with my lvl 13 fire arrow everything will be under control...... UNTIL i dIED not once, not twice, NOT THRICE BUT FIVE times in ossyria, i decided to pack my bag and head back to victoria island.. sobsob

but o well it was darn fun la... incinerating those little junior grupins with my fire arrows mwahahah.. but when i wander off the map i saw some GROWN up grupins... i decided to slap them with my fire arrow... only to my greatest surpise.... miss.. miss... miss.. even my magic claw... miss miss.. miss miss... (OH MY GOSH) and unknown to me that my magic guard had worn off.... that sickening grupin ZAPPED me to my grave (tium!) I WAS LIKE WTH... and i went back to the garden of jr grupins and took my revenge by incinerating their 'younglings' MWAHAHA the feeling of triumphant was overwhelming but that was pure evil... haha... reminds me of the massacre of the tutsi... opps... haha.. but o well i've left ossyria.. too difficult for me..

sigh.. tml is mock chinese... sIANZ... alright i better run..
oxitrist wanna say hello!

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