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Saturday, July 18, 2009 @ 5:54 PM
pencils infatuations.
As it seems, the new pope has been elected

These little guys are so cute and zen whenever they just hover in 45degrees in my aquarium. always feel so good after observing em' for a minute or two. just hope tt they can survive like my other 3 hardy pencils. >.<

been quite free these days and oh yes let me discourage you from watching dots harry potter. i tell you the movie is just a "hes just not that into you-wannabe" seriously. very very dots director producing such a dots film and i think it is by far e most out of place harry potter films... watch it and you'll understand. You will just want a tix refund..

oo will be updating my aqarium chart soon and will take more photos to share w you guys...
<3 rocket pencils T.T

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